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Synopsis musical entertainment for children of the middle group "Winter-winter" 2018
2016-04-07, 23:16:21

Program content: developing children's musical perception, creative imagination; to develop an interest and love for music, activation of creative activity of children in the music and rhythmic movements.

Course entertainment:
Teacher: White fluffy snow in the air and spinning to the ground silently falls, lays down. Children, what season is now? (The children answer) Yes, it is winter. What signs of winter do you know (Answers of children). Properly, in winter, all nature sleeps, everywhere is snow, the river was covered with ice, migratory birds flew away. And which animals hibernate? (Bears, hedgehogs, badgers) .
Well done! And now we sing the song with you.
Caregivers stand in a circle and sing the song "White snowflakes swirling in the morning"
White snowflakes whirl in the morning
Rose drifts in the middle of the yard.
Became snowflakes from the street brighter,
Only need to dress warmly.
It is simply impossible not to love winter,
Soon will Baba snow to sculpt.
If on a walk in the snow we'll fall
Get up, get will go back.
Bring the tree in from the forest kindergarten,
Father frost will congratulate the guys.
Ten times a week we believe the days
I lit up a rather bright lights.
Show large drifts
Shaking your hands from side to side
Mold snowballs
Shake off, marching on the spot
Dance in a circle
Plucked fingers
Her hands rhythmically clenching into fists.
Look, guys, how much snow fell! Here there was a huge snow banks!
Suddenly from behind a snowdrift heard a voice: "Hello, kids! "
Teacher: "Oh, whose is the voice? Someone hid behind a snowdrift? "
The voice from behind the snowdrift: "will Seem, if you can guess the riddles!
I cleverly blinded the children,
Snow balls made.
Instead of a carrot nose,
Instead of the eye – coals.
On his head a bucket they put
And straw wig.
Now tell me quickly.
Who is it? "(The snowman)
Snowman appears from behind a snowdrift. Snowman: "that's Right, guys! Then you puzzles:
Green beauty for the New Year,
In tinsel and Christmas ornaments dresses up". (Tree)
Snowman: "that's right! And here's another riddle:
Kids having fun,
The white flakes whirl,
In the clods they were made,
Snowman's got." (Snow).
Snowman: "Well Done! Then the last riddle:
The wind whirls and the mitten lies,
If you got it at hand will squeeze,
Then drop it immediately turns". (Snowflake)

Snowman: "Oh, I love the way flying and whirling snowflakes. Boys and girls, and you know the great English composer P. I. Tchaikovsky? (Shows the portrait of P. I. Tchaikovsky). He wrote a wonderful waltz of the snow flakes for the ballet "the Nutcracker". Together, let's listen to a fragment of this waltz (listening to music). What is the nature of this music (soft, calm, gentle, light, etc.) And now I invite you to dance to this fantastic music" (giving to the children snowflakes. After the music the children take their seats.)
The tutor pays attention of children that snowman is sad. "What's the matter, frosty? Very sad was your species." Snowman: "I miss friends, with them I would be happier".
The teacher invites children to make friends with a snowman and play with him outdoor game .
Is the mobile game "Oh you people".
Children stand in a circle one behind the other, in the middle circle of the Snowman.
The educator together with the children to the music go in a circle and sing a song (to the melody of a Ukrainian folk song "Oh, the Hoop has burst"). Snowman is a circle in the opposite direction.
Oh what a nation
For the frost is coming!
Oh what a nation
For the frost is coming!
You're cold, you're cold,
Our hands frost
You're cold, you're cold,
Our hands are not frost! (Will freeze) Go in circles
Stop face in the circle
Threaten with a finger
Hide hands.

The snowman is trying to freeze the kids. The game is repeated 3 times, where in turn offer hands instead of feet, ears and other parts of the body.
Snowman: "I immediately became more fun! Thank you guys, I'm so glad I have so many friends. Don't forget about me when you're out and sculpt things out of snow. And now I have to go... "
Teacher: "Thank you, Snowman, for coming to visit us and played with us! "
Children: "good-bye, Snowman, come back..." Snowman goes...
Summarizes the lesson: the teacher thanks the children for the fact that they listened carefully to the riddles and solved them, listened to music, sang, danced happily and played.

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