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Synopsis of painting for younger children "rain, Rain!" 2018
2016-06-03, 08:22:35

Software maintenance:
- To teach children to draw rain, putting the brush all the bristles to paper.
- To consolidate knowledge of colours.
- To cultivate accuracy when working with brush and paint.

Material: sheets of A4 paper, brush, paint blue colors, stand for brush, jar of water, recording "the rain".
The methodology:
The audio sounds "sound of rain".

- Good day, guys! Why are you so glum? Let's have some fun together and say it together: "when the sun Rose – cheers! It is time for us to do! "(Children repeat after the teacher) .
- Guys, what is it we have noise?
It's raining.
- Right! It is the sound of the rain.
The rain fully pouring.
Small child wet! (Sound of rain stops)
- Guys, you know, where does it rain?
Children: From the sky dripping, dripping from the clouds.
- That's right, October!
Listen to fun nursery rhymes about rain:
Rain, rain, more fun!
Drip, drip, the water lay!
To flower, to leaf.
Drip, drip, drip!

Cloud in the blue sky, - the cap, the rain is strong!
English folk music "Rain":
Rain, rain.
Let you the midst.
Will give you a spoon, slurp a little.
- And now we sit at tables.
- Tell, please, what we have is on the table?
Children: paint, brushes, paper, a jar with water.
- Right, we begin to draw. Take the brush and remember that wooden stick from the brush stares at the ceiling, and drop it in the water. Very carefully drive the brush in a circle. Remove excess water on the edge of the jar. Very carefully drop the brush in the blue paint, we paint on the brush.
- I begin to paint the rain! Now I will heavy rain (draw a solid line, and now the rain is weak (draw dotted lines).
Children begin to draw. The teacher helps the children as needed.
An exhibition of drawings.
- Guys, look at his drawings. You got a wonderful picture of nature!
- What color we painted the rain?
Children: Blue.
- Correctly. Where is the rain?
Children: Out of the clouds.
- Correctly. And now we present the working place in order.
You – well done!

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