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Abstract classes in preparatory group, on the theme "Animals of the North" 2018
2016-06-04, 23:27:51

OBJECTIVE: to strengthen the children's knowledge about animals of the North, about their life in nature. To secure the ability to accurately execute the application.

Program objectives:

1. To develop the ability to perform three-dimensional image with the help of woolen threads.

2. To foster an interest in the preparation work in pairs.

3. To develop spatial thinking and imagination.

4. To develop children's ability to describe and make a story.

5. To consolidate the ability to work with glue, scissors, paper to work with templates.

6. Foster care, the work culture.

Previous work:

1. Looking at books about animals of the North.

2. Conversation.

3. The guessing of riddles.

4. Learning physical exercises, finger exercises. Outdoor games.

Individual work:

Training with the children of the second subgroup of the blanks of an application (to trace templates) .

Methods: verbal, illustrative, illustrative.


1. The envelope split images (one for two) .

2. A sheet of blue cardboard (one for two) .

3. A sheet of white paper .

4. Pencils, the pattern of the bear (1 subgroup) .

5. Brush, glue, doilies, scissors.

6. The strip of paper black.

7. Yarn wool yarn in white (sliced) .

The lesson:

1. Organizational moment:

Children come to the group to the music of the song "Antarctica".

- Guys, look, to us today had many guests, let them say Hello. (children greet) .

- Now, when you were in the group that you heard? (answers of children)

- Guys like that cold. Which part of the world all year round winter?

(in the North.... )

- What animals live there? (children list the animals of the North) .

- Let's play the game "Gather and tell". You will play in pairs.

(children are divided into pairs and collect the picture on the carpet, make up a story about your animal, agree who that will tell and tell) .

- How can one word to name all these animals? (animals of the North, a generalization) .

2. Practical work:

The puzzle about the bear: in the snow and ice is not fast,

For fish in cold water dives

Thick white wool saves him

Frost warms.

(white bear) .

- I suggest you make your North pole. (invites children to go for their jobs, in pairs) .

- You have on the tables are blank for work. You will make three-dimensional applique of bears. To give volume to use wool yarn in white color. Because your work in a pair, your bears will be on the same ice floe. Before you stick the bears, first position them on the ice that they fit. "Coat" evenly flatten with fingers, and help each other.

- Guys, let's go before work will warm up our fingers. (The children perform the finger-type gymnastics "For work".)

I. p. – stand elbows on the table, fingers clenched into a fist. Alternately

unbend fingers, since the big.

- Hey, brothers!

- Show your hunting.

- The highway – to chop wood.

(straighten big toe)

- Stoves all - you drown.

(straighten the index finger)

- You carry water.

(straighten the middle finger)

- And you – cooking dinner.

And you get to wash the dishes.

- And then all sing songs.

- To sing songs Yes to dance, to amuse our children.

Rotate the hands with straight fingers from right to left.

- Here guys, now your fingers are ready to work, can start doing the job.

Before performing the task the teacher reminds the children of T. B. when working with scissors.

The performance of the work children do to the music of the song "the lullaby "Umka".

In the middle of the job, the children performed physical activities and training "On the North".

-Children, you're tired, let's warm up. (Children come to the carpet) .

The p. T. break "On the North".

The winds blow the ice

(Children waving their hands at the top)

Mountains, snow, cool.

(hands rise up, stand on tiptoes)

There the summer is not heard

(the palm pressed to his ear, bending to the side)

There will hardly warm up

(hugging myself)

He's not small and not large

(Hands to keep and to breed in hand)

This snowy continent.

(clap your hands at chest level) .

- Here we warmed up and rested. Go to your seats and finish your work.

If the child is hampered with an assignment, teacher choice and individually helps the child.

The end of work. The result:

- Guys, what beautiful polar bears you did it! Such great work could be obtained only from friendly guys.

3. Conclusion: P/and "White bear".

- Guys, let's play a game of "White bear".

Baby rhyme chooses the lead, he is white bear. The teacher puts on the head of a leading mask polar bear. The other kids play children themselves. Movement in the game –in the text .

Bear in the Arctic walking

And the kids he was looking for

For a long time he was looking for

Sat down and dozed off

Little children began to dance

Steel legs pounding

Bear-the bear get up

And the guys catch up.

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