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The application of cotton pads "Winter forest" 2018
2016-12-17, 21:59:34
Winter in the woods is the most quiet time,the forest sleeps, sleep many of its inhabitants, and even rising occasionally the wind dies down,entangled in the branches of trees,covered with snow caps. The trees stand close rows as if trying to warm each other.
Invite the children to close their eyes and imagine a winter sleeping forest., covered with hats of snow trees. At this time, may sound quiet music.

For work we need: cotton pads, scissors, glue,cardboard.

1. In order to make the snow, take a cotton pad and cut it in half. Then glue on the snow.

2. Then do the trunks of the trees. Cut out the middle of cotton pad straight strips. Bonded to the drifts.

3. Now you need to glue a crown on a tree trunk. A cotton pad.

4. And now we've added some snow. Used the snowflake embossed scalloped hole punch. You can draw with a cotton swab.

And that's what we've got!

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