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The bas-relief "Blooming cherry branch" (master-class on sculpting from clay) 2018
2016-06-02, 08:11:45

The bas-relief "Blooming cherry branch" (master-class on sculpting from clay).

Objective: Creation of conditions for development of the cognitive-creative activity of children. Manufacturer of clay crafts - "Blooming cherry branch".


- to develop the skills to perform composition of the clay on a flat surface;

- skills to smearing clay on a flat surface to create the background of the composition;

- learning to do two-tone round shape of the clay and cutting it with stacks or thin wire;

- develop fine motor skills.

Part 1. Introduction to the topic.

Educator. Today I brought in our workshop the flowering branches of cherry. Cherry blossoms now in gardens, country houses, even in the kindergarten. Let's look at her flowers. they are white with pale pink or yellowish in the middle.

And you know, in Japan there is a special cherry? It is called Sakura. Her flowers are not white but pink. The Japanese believe the cherry blossoms one of the most wonderful spectacles, events that occur in nature. Sakura blooms for only one day. To this day, the Japanese arrange a real holiday. Whole families are coming to gardens and parks where the cherry blossoms and admire her flowers. Evening cherry blossoms fall and the holiday ends. Flowering branch of Sakura even became a national symbol of Japan.

Today I suggest you to blind the flowering branches of cherry.

Part 2. The preparation of the background. Modeling branches.

First, prepare the background for our composition. This should be a toned clay-based, smear clay of the right color on the cardboard. You already know how to do it, so for you it would be easy.

Prepared on the basis of plasticine sausages brown formed a branch, which then will have flowers.

Part 3. Manufacturer colors.

In order to make cherry flowers need to roll a thin sausage of clay pink. Then roll out the white clay into a thin layer (you can do this by using the case of the glue stick or cylindrical parts from the designer). Pink sausage neatly wrapped in white plate as the filling in the dough.

From the resulting "loaf" cut out thin rings using stacks. Then each piece gently pressed against the blunt end of a pencil and collect the white edge around the pencil.

The flowers are then attached to a pre-prepared background, which is already fashioned sprigs of brown clay.

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