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The "flowers" Abstract lessons in manual labor in the older group 2018
2016-05-15, 16:22:12

Type of studies: decorative activity. Type of the lesson: consolidating skills

Using children's craft for interior decoration preschool.

Program objectives:

• The development of imagination, the ability to see the extraordinary in ordinary objects, the development of artistic and creative abilities and creativity of children.

• To improve children fine motor skills of hands.

• Teaching children of different reception indentation in the clay waste material.

• To develop aesthetic perception, to learn to contemplate the beauty of the world.

• Education of diligence, accuracy, a desire to bring it started to end.

Materials and equipment: straws for drinks, play dough, macaroni of various kinds, vase, gouache, paintbrush, water, tissue paper

The progress of the class

I.: Guys, guess riddles:

• Blue bell hanging,

It never rings (the bell)

• Head on the leg, in the head pots (Mac)

• Gold and young

The week was gray,

A day after two

Bald head.

Hide in a pocket

Ex. (dandelion)

And bell, poppy and dandelion – what is this?

D: flowers

Q: And what kind of flowers do you know? (ask the children named)

D: (answers)

In: Flowers we can be absolutely any color. I suggest you do the flower, so we turned lush and beautiful bouquet, which we will put into this wonderful vase.

In: First we take the clay and SkyTeam it into a smooth ball. Then take a tube and insert this in the plasticine ball. BUT do not puncture much a tube ball! Then take the pasta will stick to the plasticine ball, as not much as a straw. And then we'll paint the pasta in any color what you want. To help you I'll put the schema that you have not forgotten how to make a flower. Guys, you need to work hard, so the flower was beautiful for everyone to enjoy! Now let us begin to do the flowers!

II. The kids are doing, and I watch, give tips, directions, help with the difficulty, praise, control the action.

III. Analyze the resulting bouquet.

In: In our vase so many beautiful colors! What a lush bouquet turned out! So bright! And you guys like? Let's put this bouquet on the table that it adorned the room of our group and all were pleased with its beauty. Don't forget to clean up your workplace!

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