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"The miracle tree" from the CD drives Master class 2018
2016-12-20, 20:53:08
Master class registration kindergarten group: "the Miracle tree"

Audience: kindergarten teachers.
The purpose of the master class: making kindergarten group.
Objective: to teach how to create interior wall design.
- mastering the techniques of making interior solutions of waste material;
- the development of imagination;
- education of aesthetic taste.

"A miracle tree" on the wall of the senior group on which to place the creative work of children.
I wanted to create something unusual, joyful and beautifully decorated. Working space was not enough - between the locker and the wall. Just draw on the wall? How to strengthen the work of children?
The idea came suddenly, finding at home, a whole bunch of unnecessary CDs and I thought, why not? That's what eventually happened.
The work is very challenging and takes a lot. Collecting CDs can be mounted and parents. Together and work more fun.
Let's try!

For this we will need the following materials:
- toilet paper 1 roll;
- pencil;
- CDs, about 120 PCs;
- color braid;
clips for papers;
- artificial grass;
glue "Titan";
- PVA glue;
glue " moment "Crystal";
- scissors;
- gouache;
- brushes for painting;
ceiling tiles;
- clearcoat.

Start with what you need to draw the outline of the desired trees with a pencil on the wall. And start to work.
For this you need to pick the toilet paper arbitrary strips from 20 to 50 cm, the size is not so important. Mash arbitrarily, Macao in PVA glue (not diluted with water) and apply to the wall, creating a tree trunk, imitating its bark, in papier-mache. There is already give vent to their imagination.
Dries fairly quickly. Begin to paint our gun. That's where the scope for imagination in the choice of shades! After full drying of a paint covered barrel with a colourless varnish.
The process of papering and painting to a picture failed, because I did all this in the quiet hour alone, to keep his job there was no one.
I personally like that happened.

You must stick glue "moment Crystal" colored braid to the opposite (mirror) side of the CD drive.

Start the most exciting process - glue CD discs, creating the crown of the tree. This should be done in a circle, alternating drives with ribbons and conventional discs using glue "Titan" according to the instructions.
In the hollow, of course, have to settle rectangle. How to do it found on the Internet, but used household wipes, pre-air-drying them at room temperature for one day.

The basis of the owl - all the same CD. You can invent a way. The miracle tree any miracles are possible!Can use here such a scheme.

Now you need to make the grass. Take two such cells with artificial lawn grass and glue glue "Titan" to cut out the shape of the ceiling tiles.

The tiles are pre-painted in green, so as not shone. Once dry, glue on the right place, adding, if necessary, additional grass that will be at hand.

Attach the card holders to our tape and draw the space around the tree various butterflies, dragonflies, etc.

And it looks so "Miracle tree" with the work of kindergarten.

This "Miracle tree" can apply for nursery parents.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Wish You creativity and the imagination!
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