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"The tit and the bullfinch" — applique of thread and colored paper 2018
2016-05-29, 21:27:31

The conversation with children "How to help the birds in winter". The interview was conducted. About the feeders and talked, and about the bread crumbs and millet. All as expected! The kids told me how dad was doing the feeders, as they are in their gardens they were putting up as the morning feed the birds. Well, and then the work started: I decided to do applique "Wintering birds". Liked all the tit and bullfinch.

Children 5 years did the application just of colored paper.

Children of the preparatory group of yarns and paper.

First drawing with glue a twig imposed on the glue thread.

Then on the edge of each branch was glued the red circle rolled from the thread.

And then stuffed the birds: who bullfinches, who Tits.

The birds turned out great and so different.

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