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Tree birthday 2018
2017-04-26, 21:56:46
I want to bring to your attention a "Tree birthday", which you can build in the group.

The child's Birthday is a serious event. Do not miss it. But in the hectic daily Affairs sometimes do not have time, missing something. Therefore the group can be a wonderful tree-helper. It will allow you not only to follow the birthdays of all your students, but also decorate the group for its bright and uplifting colors!
How to navigate it. On our tree leaves are not only green, but also blue (to symbolize winter, yellow (it's summer, well, orange (autumn). Green is, of course, spring! On these leaves we pasted photos of our babies, respectively, in what time of year they were born. The leaves are glued, not completely, so the back side of the piece of paper to write full date of birth of the child. And now you can not be afraid that I forgot some of the pupils to congratulate happy Birthday!

And to create such a tree need not much material. You need to choose a basis (mine is foam, sheets of colored paper, glue, scissors and small pictures of children.

But that it turned out so nice, you need a lot of energy and a great desire to do something great for our beloved children! But how much joy and goodness will bring a "Tree birthday" to your group! Success and inspiration to everyone.
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