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We go towards the sun Synopsis musical 2018
2016-03-27, 11:15:12

Children enter the hall to music and be in a circle. music Director (hereinafter M. R.) sings children welcome, children sing in response.

M. R.) :Guys, look outside the window no sun, and it promised to Shine all day today. What happened?

Children Express their thoughts include: the sun slept, found the road met something interesting.

M. R.) :What are we going to do: wait or go to meet him?

Children:let's Go to meet!

M. R.) . :Well, hit the road. Become pairs, listen to the music. Let's go!

Children perform a dance "Boots", R. A. M.

M. R.) . :So we went outside. Look what a beautiful flower bed (Children look at the flower bed and notice a toy Sparrow) .

Sparrow:Where are you?

Teacher:We go to the sun, I want to ask him to go up to heaven, without him bad.

Sparrow:If you want to go faster, sing the song, to go with her more fun and easier. Ciric (flies away)

M. R.) :I Know this song. Guys, sing with me!

Running the exercise "We go" Tilicheeva the singing of the adults and the children sing. Children are traversing the hall in a circle, they meet the dog (toy) .

Dog: Where are you? Suddenly now the rain go?

Children:We follow the sun.

Dog:I would have went, but I can't. And you don't want to relax? Sit down, let's get acquainted! My name is Basia. Sing my name!

Children sing "BA Xia"and swallows the rhythm of his hands.

Basia:That's Great! What's your name?

All together singing, slapping his knees, 2-4 behalf of the children.

M. R.) :Oh! Look, guys, basi stands basket with bells. Basia, what's with all the bells?

Basia:They are beautiful! And even as rings. Listen! And you can play?

Children:Yes, of course!

M. R . Help to give the children bells and you will hear cheerful music. I on the accordion will play a dance tune,"glade", and the guys on the bells.

Performed English folk song "Glade", Basia dancing in the hands of the caregiver.

M. R.. :Basia, it is time for us to go further. We have the time to go back to kindergarten. Who started it? Beg your pardon? Then listen to the music, it's about you.

Sounds in audio recordings of music ber "Naughty".

M. R.. :Cheeky is a boy who is very fun. He jumps, runs, laughing merrily.

Children:we have boys like (tell) .

The music sounds again. The child leads a doll - tease before the children on the table.

M. R. Well, to go further will not work, we do not have time for lunch. And the sun we never met. Let's say goodbye to Basia and sing her a song about a dog.

Adults and children sing a song the Gerchik "Wow-wow".

M. R.) . :Guys, let's say the bass is "good-bye" and move on. (Children say goodbye to the dog) you know, you can try to call the sun song. Need to sing a song about him, it will hear and look out from behind the clouds. Agree?

Children:Yes! sing!

M. R. :And what?

Children:About the sun! "There is sunshine friends"!

M. R.) :Then you go and say, Sweetie, honey, look out your window (Say) And now you can stay and sing.

Children sing a song Tilicheeva, on a magnetic Board comes the sun.

Everyone is happy and shouting. greet the sunshine.

M. R.) . Together with the sun we went back to kindergarten. Have time to play. Let's play a game of "Sun and rain".

The game is played.

M. R.) :Nobody got wet, all the sun is shining. As we stand around the birches and dance with the handkerchiefs.

Adults hand out handkerchiefs, performed the dance "Birch", Rustamov music. The teacher collects handkerchiefs

M. R.) :Here's the walk turned out:they were singing (the children answer, the bells played? (answers) with the dog he met (answers) about scamp learned (answers) find the sun (the answers) .

All together (rhythmically clapping her hands) :Ah Yes we are, well done!

M. R.) (singing) :goodbye!

Children with caregiver singing: goodbye.

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