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Training on self-control teacher 2018
2016-09-18, 04:49:54

Purpose: prevention of emotional burnout, teaching self-regulation skills and relaxation, creating a positive emotional state, prevention of neuroses.
The formation of a positive emotional state, with positive speaking.
Prevention of burnout through relaxation and self-control.
Prevention of neuroses through a positive a positive experience.
Learning the ways of health technologies.
Exercise 1. "The handshake"
Objective: to set up the group in a positive way.
The course exercises.
Participants are encouraged to walk around and say Hello, as with a large number of participants and wish that you need this party at this moment.

Exercise 2. "My favorite quality
Purpose: diagnostics of a condition of the group at the beginning of the training.
The course exercises.
Teachers are encouraged to work in pairs and sit opposite each other. The presenter read out in turn three positive qualities. In a couple need to discuss what quality of these most suitable to each of a pair of and why. In a circle discussion in which pairs quality coincided.
wisdom, reliability, perseverance;
activity unselfishness, courtesy;
willpower, modesty, courage;
tact, patience;

equanimity, charm, sociability.

Exercise 3. "Association with a toy"
Goal: finding positive meaning in unexpected things.
The course exercises.
Teachers are black not transparent bag with soft toys. Leading in a circle offers to get to touch any toy and think about what this toy looks like him. Next there is a discussion in a circle.

Exercise 4. Hands
Objective: the use of tactile sensations to the characteristics of a particular person.
The course exercises.
Teachers should take turns to close their eyes and palms to deploy so that you can put hands on them to another participant and the remaining participants quietly come up to him and put his hands on the hands of this party, his goal is to memorize which which hands were to the touch.
Discussion in a circle that everyone felt at the same time.

Exercise 5. Relaxation music and the sound of water (1 hour)

After you relaxation, you need to draw the image of the water that you saw. Draw with pencils, paints and markers.

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