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1 to Continue to broaden the perception of vegetables and fruits.
2 to Secure the ability to classify, allocate the signs (external: shape, size, color; surface features, gustatory, olfactory signs of vegetables and fruits) .
3 to Clarify and update the knowledge of kids about fruits and vegetables, as food, their use;
4 to Train in the conduct of basic experiments on the identification of taste quality.
5 to Consolidate the skills of research activities;
6 to Secure the ability to learn vegetables and fruits according to the description, to answer questions fully;
7 to Train in the use of adjectives representing the features and the quality of vegetables and fruits. Vocabulary words: gardener, vegetable grower, to grow, to care;
8 to Raise curiosity, to develop perception, memory and speech.
Vocabulary work: names of vegetables and fruits; vegetable, fruit, autumn, seedbed, seedlings, planting, harvest, vegetable garden, garden, vitamins.
Mature, delicious, healthy, rosy, fragrant, bitter, sweet, sour, smooth, rough, juicy.

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- To systematize the knowledge of children about seasonal changes in nature. To fix ideas about autumn; to reinforce the use of antonyms in speech, to enhance thinking.
- To summarize the knowledge about the mountain ash; to learn to find the similarities and differences of mountain ash and viburnum. To consolidate the idea of stems; to expand vocabulary of children: bunches of Rowan, Rowan bunch, Rowan brush; be able to relate the details of the derivation to the word viburnum.

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Talk Mother's day

- to acquaint the students with the celebration of mother's Day;
- to develop creativity, curiosity;
to bring attentive, caring, reverent, respectful attitude to his mother, ready to help her in any minute.

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Interview with game elements "Talk about mom" in the medium - high group.
PURPOSE : to bring attention, sensitivity of the relationship to mothers, grandmothers, all women, to promote creative self-realization of preschool children.
1. To introduce children to the holiday "mother's Day", to form moral qualities of preschool children.
2. To inculcate sensitivity, sympathy, good attitude to the woman-mother.
3. To promote creative self-realization of preschool children. 
(the children sit in the hall)

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Teach children to conserve tap water. Clearly explain to children that to get clean water to people is necessary to spend many forces and means. To teach kids not to pour water unnecessarily and tightly close the water tap.
To select a series of classes on the theme "Water". To familiarize the children with the importance of water in our lives. Where and in what form water exists in nature.
To encourage children to develop the skills of environmentally literate conduct on the water, to show the beauty and vulnerability of nature, the dependence of the status of water bodies the attitude of the people, help to understand the necessity of careful attitude to them. Telling children about the need of conserving water, show that water is an asset that is no substitute.
Repetition of previously learned material, questions to the children, explaining.

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Objective: to Familiarize children with the traditions of New year in other countries. To systematize the knowledge of children about the celebration of new year in different countries, to form cognitive interest.

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Material for interviews with the children of senior and preparatory groups:

"the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. Peace or Hostility? "

These Kingdoms are friends with each other because we live in the same area. Because we can't imagine without sea animals or sea plants without. So life on land would not have been possible without the representatives of plants (animals just would have nothing to eat).
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Photo interviews with children about pranks with matches, with practical part

But the fire always comes unexpectedly. It would seem, only that everything was fine and suddenly there is a flame, there is the suffocating smoke.
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Objective: to acquaint the children with the signs "pedestrian crossing" and its types. To consolidate the knowledge of the lights.
1. To develop observation for traffic signs and traffic lights.
2. To expand children's knowledge about road signs.
3. Forming in children the culture of behavior on the street.

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Purpose: formation at children of representations about value of bread.
- to increase knowledge among children about the importance of bread in human life;
- to deepen and broaden the knowledge of children about bread
- to foster careful attitude to bread;
- to consolidate children's knowledge about the process of growing bread;
- to raise interest in occupations involved in the production of bread;
- to develop the coherent speech, the ability to reason;
- to develop logical thinking, memory, observation;
- to enrich the vocabulary of preschool children;
- to foster respect for the labor of adults.
Material security: the plot of the picture to accompany the talks (with the image of bread, with a picture of the growth process, with the image of harvesters, with the image of the professions involved in the production of bread (farmers, bakers, the ball.

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