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Objective: to Form an idea of the Sun as a star and the planets of the Solar system.

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Conversations promote the development of speech in children. They can be taught by teachers, parents.
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The class is designed for children from one to three years. Duration 20-25 min.
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In our kindergarten there are many wonderful traditions.
A short hike in the woods in autumn is one of them.

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Purpose: To consolidate the skills of the account, knowledge of the geometric figures, the ability to compare the aggregate.
Improve the ability to compare objects in size.
To consolidate knowledge of the concepts of long-short, many-small, big-small.
Clarify knowledge about beans.
Develop thinking, fine motor skills.

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The work of salt is very entertaining. Kids like bottles of salt. Salt mixed.

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Manipulating bulk materials, the child gets rid of negative emotions, stress relief, inner blocks, while drawing the child feels a sense of joy and inspiration from the resulting figure, because the figures obtained, varied and unpredictable. Thus, developing coordination, imagination, improves memory and all mental processes.

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The aim of the walk: developing children's knowledge about the distinctive features of trees through observation of solving puzzles, reading nursery rhymes and poems.
1. Shaping children's ideas about the trees of his native land;
2. To acquaint children with the trees on the kindergarten territory;
3. Learning to compare and name the distinguishing characteristics of the birch;
4. To teach children to listen and read the word art, to solve riddles;
5. To enhance the children's vocabulary, to clarify the names of trees, their characteristics.
6. To develop thinking, attention, observation.
7. To create in children a happy mood;
8. To foster an interest in plants, love to the native nature, to broaden my horizons.

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Educational objectives:
To consolidate and deepen the children's knowledge about spruce and pine, as the representatives of coniferous trees. To form skill to compare these trees, to see between them similarities and differences. Learning to draw the sprigs of spruce and pine. Exercise children in the formation of the plural of nouns and their agreeing with the word many. To develop creativity, connected speech, fine motor skills.

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Crafts with their hands "Trees in snow"

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