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-To explain to children the relationship of man with nature.
-To acquaint with the rules of behavior in nature and the possible dangers that may lie in wait for, if you do not follow these rules.
-To foster careful attitude towards nature and its inhabitants.

Material: pictures, lighter, matches, sparklers, vase, Cup, pencil, book, doll.

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Objective: to consolidate knowledge of the concept of "air", nurture respect and a sense of responsibility for all life on Earth, to create a positive emotional atmosphere for children and their parents, to create favorable conditions for interaction of kindergarten and family.
Attributes: fir cones, spring flowers, trees, bushes, grass (hand made – imitation of woods, colored paper (for origami, crayons, colored pictures Algorithm tree planting", the puppet theater – an owl, Fox, bear, cub, the planet Mars (with their hands) ; 2 baskets, Hoop, medals for kids and their parents.

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