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A walk in autumn 2018
2017-10-28, 12:29:13
The class is designed for children from one to three years. Duration 20-25 min.

- The beginning. To attract the attention of guys, to set them up for the lesson. A short story about autumn (literally a minute). Look at the trees around, Golden crown, transparent air. In autumn, a strong wind blows and picks up leaves from the trees. Showing how blowing ( how they fly to the ground (whirl like leaves). Sentence poem "falling leaves,falling leaves, leaves from the tree fly. "I propose to gather the leaves in a magical basket (wooden).

Time of collection of leaves, pay attention guys, in colors that Autumn painted leaves, their unusual shape. Collected, arranged real leaves - drop leaves to the children. In children joy has no limits

Go to the story about the rain that is now often drizzling rain. Mom puts you in the boots, you take the umbrellas. As the rain drips? Let's jump as droplets. Here the rain became thicker pour. Hop, hop,hop. faster and faster.

Birds fly South, they here in our lands in winter, kushat nothing. Asking mothers to draw children's attention to the flocks of departing birds, when they walk with children. After a offer take care of the remaining birds that overwinter here. Pour food on the ground. Each child takes a handful of millet and sprinkles on track. "Chick, chick,cluck, cluck, cluck, you're going to get, and I'll polyy, cluck, cluck, cluck". The display of images on the subject. Short discussion. Where the birds are, what they do?

Then offer to go "Into the woods". The class was in the Park and we went into the woods in the Park in a thicket of trees. Searched for spiders, ants, snails, mushrooms. All this enriches the vocabulary of kids. When they found the mushrooms. asked who eats them. Hedgehogs. Podrocja before that, unbeknownst to the boys 4 plush hedgehog. The kids found them and the joy was with my cellphone Popescu Zheleznova about hedgehogs. We learned this song.

Asked who else lives in the woods? Bunny. The display of images, illustrations on. Mobile game. "Bunny gray flip - flop in the garden, heated Bunny hop, hop, into the garden, sat down, ate carrots, and then jumped. heated Bunny hop, hop, into the garden. heated Bunny hop, hop, into the garden. Kale sat down ate and then rode" the Entire game to accompany actions like jumps, eats.

The lesson ended up being that the kids were jumping like Bunny has little to. slides and there already began to frolic in its own way
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