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Bad habits 2018
2018-02-15, 13:15:12
The purpose of the event: prevention of smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction among the younger generation.
Develop a value attitude towards one's personality;
· Motivate to maintain their own health;
· Inform about possible consequences of smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Equipment: blank sheets, a plastic cube from a children's set, a note describing the consequences of smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction, useful and harmful habits, the light dynamic complex "Harmful habits."
Course of the event:

Together they live on a huge planet

Different adults, different children.

Appearance is different and the character too,

But, of course, we are in something similar!

Working in kindergarten, I have a unique opportunity to touch the brightest and cleanest - to our children. I communicate with the smallest, gentle, innocent little men: boys and girls.

The modern world is dynamic and it has become customary for me to see that my pupils increasingly began to play role-playing games: "Birthday", "Walk to the Park", "

It is no secret that the use of psychoactive substances in recent years has spread quite widely in our modern environment. And therefore, according to the proverb "warned - it means, is armed" we will talk today about bad habits.


Participants are encouraged to form a circle, and each participant walks around in a healthy manner with all of their methods: shake hands, bow, rub feet, etc.

So we said hello. Hello! When meeting people usually say this is a good word, wishing each other health.

What do you think, for what reason did we so often talk about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs? (answers) We want our younger generation to become better, to be developed physically and spiritually, purposeful, cheerful people. I want the young generation, our future, to learn how to strengthen our health. Let's today, not only develop our own view of bad habits, but also try to understand adults.

"Wall of health and self-esteem"

During our meeting we will gather with you the Wall of Health and Self-respect. We have bricks on the table, on which the cases are written, which are dealt with by people who preserve their health and good mood. But among them there are bad habits. (Play sports, read books, have a lot of sweets, eat a lot of roast and smoked, do morning exercises, watch a lot of TV, watch clothes, temper, smoke, wash, play computer games for a long time, spend a lot of time on air, brush your teeth, do not brush your teeth, drink alcohol, eat properly, observe the regime of the day, do music, draw, help others).

We will choose the brick you like and decide whether to attach it to the "Wall of Health and Self-esteem" or not.

Save your self. I give you this cube. He embodies our self, our multifaceted soul, our health. When we communicate, we exchange and parts of the soul, and therefore we are offended, if we are betrayed, we feel discomfort if we are pressured. Now we will transfer the cube in a circle to each other with our eyes closed. It is necessary to do this carefully, without damaging the shell of our self without dropping it. Do not open your eyes.

When the cube returned to the lead

"That's how our soul is filled with communication with other people. What good and not so it will discover for itself in this world depends on our desire.

(The first brick is to help others)

Usually all the effects of exposure to harmful substances on the body do not immediately manifest. For example, from a cigarette smoked to a person at first is very pleasant, and then a constant pull makes it dependent on a single substance. All the manifestations of life, which he could use to raise his spirits, simply lose all colors. And it's already too late to start something at first.

It turns out that the alarm about bad habits is being beaten for a reason. Science has already proven the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs. Let's see what those who offer to smoke / drink actually are silent about.

Theatrical performance "Compass of History"

D 1: (sadly) Hello, Olya.

D 2: Hello, Lenka, what's so sad?

D 1: I have not slept for three nights, I'm suffering from a history essay. So much literature perelopatila that Mikhail Fyodorovich is already dreaming.

D 2: And who is this? (pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and tries to smoke)

D 1: Eh, you! You do not know the stories at all. This is our Russian king. You should be beaten with sticks.

D 2: (surprised) Why?

For a few seconds the girls freeze and then the curtain opens.

Scene 2

Mikhail Fedorovich is sitting on the throne. Next to the papers and a goose quill is a scribe. The boyar hurries on with a report and bowes low.

Boyarin: Sire, did not execute, they kept a word!

Tsar: Speak!

Boyarin: Attack is black, helpless yellow. Russia dies - mother from the overseas potion. The foul sun seizes the smoke, the people wither. Agility merchants in Arkhangelsk receive profits, but our treasury is emptying.

The curtain closes.

Scene 3
Before the curtain of the girl.

D 1: By the way, an interesting fact. In 1634, Moscow burned out because of smoking, and it was banned under pain of death, and under Aleksei Mikhailovich, throughout the whole of Russia, traffickers of tobacco were caught, flogged and exiled to Siberia.

Д 2: Yes, that to me yours Michael and Alexey. When it was something! Nobody remembers them. But everyone knows (he shows a pack of cigarettes "Peter I" Peter, he himself smoked.) By the way, he was addicted to Holland, and he allowed free importation, and forced the boyars to smoke.

Scene 4

The curtain opens. Two people are holding a window to Europe. Behind them is a European with a curly wig and a pince-nez. He waves his hands and screams with an accent: "Pipe potion, select, buy, fly!" A few boyars with sighs send the clerk to find out how much it costs. In the end, they give him money and get bags of tobacco. Commerce recounts the money.

Boyar: One robbery, and only! If it had not been a royal decree, I would not have taken this potion.

Scene 5

D 1: Peter I, Peter I! He, of course, has many merits, but he has done a lot. How many bad habits after it we clear!

Scientist: But many rulers of the European states were against tobacco. In Italy, tobacco was declared "the devil's fun." Now look what happened in England.

On the stage, on a rope, the smoker is taken out and led around, and the crier reads out the decree.

Herald: Smoking is a habit, contrary to sight, unbearable for smelling, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs. Smokers on the order of Queen Elizabeth equate to thieves and drive on a rope through the streets ...

Scene 6

D 2: The decrees are royal, but ancient, do not concern us. Advertise now on every corner. Every second smokes and starts from childhood.

D 1: Oh, you, but there are so many patients.

Doctor: Yes, yes, he's right. Particularly violently on the tobacco reacts the child's body: a sharp blanching of the skin - this is the reaction of the heart, nausea and dizziness - the nervous system can not cope, wheezing in the bronchi - a defeat of the respiratory system.

Scientist: And how many harmful substances enter the lungs with ammonia: tar, tar, CO2, carcinogens, radioactive polonium, hydrocyanic acid and many other harmful substances.

D 2: Yes, if I leave, they will laugh at me.

All participants are built on stage in a line

Scientist with a doctor: And you tell them:

All: The Ministry of Health warns: smoking is dangerous to your health.

Preschool age is decisive in the formation of the foundation of physical and mental health. After all, it is up to seven years of intensive development of organs and the development of functional systems of the body, the main features of the personality are laid, character is formed. It is important at this stage to form the children's knowledge base and practical skills of a healthy lifestyle, the realized need for systematic physical training and sports. A big role in this is played by health-saving technologies that we use in our preschool institution (another brick in our wall is sports and morning gymnastics)

The choice. In the vase folded pieces of paper on which the consequences of bad habits are written: a decrease in immunity, tears of close people, contempt of others, a poor, sickly look, and so on. It is offered to the first participant to pull out a piece of paper, to read what is written there and think: to offer the next draw or not? And so does everyone. (It is accompanied by video films about bad habits)

The facilitator discusses with all participants their choice.

For the implementation of medical and recreational and corrective measures, in our kindergarten we actively use the art therapy method in practice, one of the modern directions in health improvement.
Art therapy is literally an art treatment. He treats any creative activity - and above all his own creativity. Art therapy removes from any child, a variety of manifestations of mood instability, anxiety.

At present, artistry in the broadest sense includes:

isoterapy (therapeutic effect of art: drawing, modeling, arts and crafts, etc.)

music therapy (therapeutic effect through the perception of music).

Treatment with the help of musical influence is widely used in authoritative clinics of all economically developed countries without exception. The classical musical heritage saves people from mental and physical suffering. However, it is in Russia that a fundamentally new technology for using the mysterious power of medical sound is created - music therapy. Its author, Rushel Blavo, paved the way to health for many hundreds of people in our country and abroad.

Long-term clinical trials have confirmed: the method of Roushel Blavot and the technology of medicamentless action on the human body that he developed awakens the natural potential of self-healing inherent in living matter. The research conducted by Roushel Blavo allowed him to create his own healing music. As a result of prolonged observation and research, he came to the conclusion that for the treatment of various diseases it is necessary to select not only a certain melody, but also the instruments on which it is performed.

The first and only methodological manual in Russia for music therapy for physicians and clinical psychologists approved by the Ministry of Health RF in 2001 (authored by music therapist Rushel Blavo.)

"The brain is our biological pharmacy," explains the therapist-musicologist Rushel Blavo, "he himself produces medicinal substances. It is only necessary to help him get rid of negative information. If it is eliminated, the general immunity of the body rises, it gets rid of the underlying cause of the disease and begins to fight its consequences. "

It should be noted that music is the safest preventative tool. It does not cause side effects and negative consequences. It is shown to everyone without exception. This is a tool that is accessible to everyone and will never cause harm, which was confirmed by the specialists of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

(Another brick - to make music, copy)

Advertising good habits. Imagine that you work in an advertising agency. Share in groups of 3 people. You got the task - to advertise good habits (give each key word). The duration of advertising is 3 minutes. The preparation time has expired. We begin the advertising campaign. Each group goes advertizing one of the good habits.

Let's applaud each other. Your applause is not only thanks to others, but also the massage of your hands, and through them the massage of your internal organs. It is proved that the more applause in the concert hall, the better the mood of the audience.

So we listened to the advertisement of many good habits. It's good if we manage to live in harmony with ourselves, with people, with the world around us.

Well done! You all made the right choice, so we got a strong wall.

Exercise "Dream"

Write down a list of your desires and reflect on the plans for their successful achievement. Imagine yourself possessing what you want in life, happy and happy. Remember the rule: "Your desire should only concern you and bring joy to you and other people.

Summing up, reflection.

- What did this event give me?

"What did I learn?"

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