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2016-10-28, 21:12:29
Objective: 1) to continue to improve artistic speech performance skills of the children in dramatization (emotional performance, natural behaviour, the ability of intonation, gesture, facial expressions to convey their attitude to the content of the literary phrase).
2) to Develop creative independence, aesthetic taste in the transmission of the image; clarity of pronunciation.
3) to Raise the skills of theatrical culture.

Material: carton (package); puppet theatre (for the fairy tale "the Wolf and the Fox" ); plane geometrical figures for the construction of a theatre; pictures to didactic game "Pick a backdrop for the hero"; card with the sentiment.

The course
The guys in the group came, let's see what it is. It is a large family of puppets, and writing. Read: "We puppets are very much like to speak to the children to play a variety of tales. In our theater came the evil wizard and destroyed it, we have nowhere to speak. Guys, can You help us?" How can we help theatrical dolls?
- Children's responses.

-Let's build a new puppet theater. Our puppet theater was the most beautiful, look at the story and find out what theatres they were before.

Once upon a time on fair stage (this is a flooring of planks on a special platform, and later became known and the stage) was played puppet shows, the protagonist of which was the Parsley. The puppeteers enjoyed a special puppet screen.

Currently, the dolls have my own house, and puppet shows are held in the puppet theatre. With turrets, decorated with fantastic creatures and animals, small and large, intricate and quite simple, puppet theatres are very different.

We have material for the construction of our theatre for puppets. Each of you can take one detail, and together we can build a wonderful house for our dolls.

*On the Board post theater*


Here's our puppet theatre was ready, but that he worked successfully for many people. Artistic Director, Directors, actors, artists, props that create objects for use in performance, costume designers, stage workers, lighting designers, sound engineers and the staff of the theater. One of the most important people necessary for the production of the play Director.

The Director selects the repertoire and the method of its implementation, and collaborates closely with the artists, determines what will be the future performance and gives the characters embodied by the actors, character and mood. What kind of mood you know?


- Cheerful, sad, happy, angry, surprised, etc.


-We have a card with a picture of any sentiment that gave us the Director of our theatre. Let's try facial expressions to portray emotion, which will get you on the card given by the Director.

*Children take the card and show the mood. *


- Here the Director has determined the content and form of our performance, now we need to formalize the idea graphically. It is the task of the artist.

To come up with decorations, making of dolls, costumes if necessary.

Let us play a little and feel yourself an artist in the theater. We have well-known characters of fairy tales, and we will need to choose for each of them suited to the scenery.

*Children pick up the scenery hero*

Now, when you select the play and scenery for productions need some music and sounds. The theatre is sound.

Now let us rise from our chairs and will help our sound engineer. He picked up different sounds to play, you will have to beat in movements.

(water splash – raise both hands and gently waving palms, rustling bushes – the three against each other palms, the creaking of the stair, clapping his knees, the crackle of a wood – clapping hands, the joy of the wolf and the Fox dancing)

Now let's talk about the main instruments of realizing the idea of the play, of course, our actors.

The actors must convey the character through the walk, the gestures, the movements of the characters, voicing them.

Let's try yourself in the role of actors. Take it from me one of these cards, it will be the character you should play. (Fox, bear, wolf, hare, hunter, etc.)


Some puppeteers sometimes I like to joke, like to this our wet friend.

Well, it's not all work and no play.

Go back to the theater, the Director staged, picked up the scenery and sounds, the actors learned their roles, it remains to choose a poster for the play. Let's see, we have a few posters that are appropriate to different stories. Our tale is called "the wolf and the Fox". Which of these posters is coming to our tale? And what tales fit the other two?

*Children choose a poster. *

The theatre is ready to welcome beloved viewers, door wide open, all ready for the show. We need to buy tickets, the price is symbolic – just a kind gentle word.

*Children acquire tickets. *

Show children puppet show "the wolf and the Fox".

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