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Quiz - "Transport and the rules of behavior in it" 2020
1. Repetition of material to check the level of knowledge on the subject.

2. Summing up on the basis of the obtained results.

The game:

1. Introduction by the moderator.

2. Posing in front of the children the goals and objectives of the game.

The quiz is conducted by the teacher. Involves all children. Dividing into two teams.


In the warm-up the children take turns to answer the questions:

1. What is the transport? (land, air, sea, river, underground, special)

2. What kind of transport include :


-the plane


3. what transport provides transportation of people? (passenger)

4. List three types of special transportation. (Fire brigade service, Ambulance, Police)

5. What are the phone numbers they can call? (101 for fire; 102 for police; 103 – call "Ambulance")

MYSTERIES (about transport)

There are water and air,

The one that moves on land,

Carries goods and people.

What is it? Tell me quickly!


Miracle-bird, a red tail,

Flew into a flock of stars.


Safely floats in the sky,

Ahead of birds flying,

Man controls them.

What is it?

The plane

What a miracle – the long house!

A lot of passengers in it.

Wear shoes made of rubber

And is powered by gasoline.


Athlete on four legs

In rubber boots

Straight from the store

He brought us a piano.


I eat coal, I drink water

Drunk – add the course.

Taking the train on a hundred wheels.

And is called...

The engine

This horse eats oats,

Instead of legs or two wheels.

Sit astride and run on it

Better rule the wheel.


Runs, buzzing.

In two eyes staring,

Only the red eye look –

Rooted to the spot will be.


In our yard, climbed the mole,

Digging the ground at the gate.

Ton at the mouth of the earth will,

If the mole opens his mouth.


Early in the morning outside the window

Knock, and the sound and commotion.

Direct steel tracks

Go red house.


To lezheboka river

I brought two hands.

The hand to the sides fitted

And floated on the water surface.

The oars and boat

For smoke, whistle

The brothers run in single file.

The engine

Not flying, not buzzing,

Beetle running down the street.

Burning in the eyes of the beetle

Two brilliant lights.


Oats do not feed,

The whip is not being driven,

But as it

Plows seven drags.


Brothers in the shells,

Each other clung,

And ran in a long way

Just left Smokey.


Not a dog – chain.

Not the horse and saddle.


On waves sails bravely,

Without reducing speed,

Only the buzzing machine is important.

What is it?


Game. Who is faster will carry the load observing traffic rules.

Material: machine, dice, hoops.



On the bus we sat together (Children sit down)

And the window looked. (looking around)

Our driver pedal pressed ("press" on the pedal)

And the bus ran. (run away).


Folded pictures of transportation (who is faster)

The p. T. break "Go-we're going home."

Going-we're going home (motion simulating the helm)

On the car

Drove to the hill: pop. (Hands up, clap above head)

The wheel came down: stop. (The hands of a party down, sit down)

Questions for children:

- What do you think transport is the most secure means? Why?

- How to avoid dangerous situations associated with transport?

- Once the main transport served horses. Now they completely replaced the machine. People, of course, benefit from such replacement. And nature?

- How can we be? After all, we cannot abandon modern transportation?

5. Summing up the classes.
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