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Objective: to Introduce children to the medical profession, to learn to find a way out of a problem situation, to fix the names of medical instruments and their purpose.

Equipment: a doll doctor, a letter, a suitcase with medical instruments, the doll dunno, images of "kindergarten", "Hospitals", the split images with medical instruments, vitamins.

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-To extend and consolidate children's knowledge about the fall as time of year.
- To expand representations of kids about the trees and wildlife.
-To train the intonational expressiveness of speech, to enhance and enrich vocabulary.
-To consolidate knowledge of colours: yellow, red, green.
-Develop the motor skills of the articulation apparatus and the fine motor skills of hands.
-To foster love and respect for nature.
Integration of educational areas "Cognition", "Communication", "Health", "Socialization".
The types of child activities gaming, communicative, productive, reading.

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Objective: to expand and clarify the children's knowledge of field flowers and insects, about their characteristic features; to develop the ability to see the signs of similarities and differences and to Express them in speech; to nurture curiosity, caring and protective attitude towards nature.
Equipment: pictures of wildflowers and insects.

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Software maintenance:
1. Be encouraged to recognize and name Pets: cat, dog, horse.
2. To form ability to allocate their characteristics: the head – ears, the fur soft and fluffy, long tail.
3. Create the desire to play with them, talk about them and name the basic parts of the body.
4. To enrich the children's vocabulary by words: coat, mane, bone, milk, grass.
5. To enhance the children's vocabulary through words: cat, dog, horse, barks, meows.

Toys – cat, dog, horse; images of animals (cats, dogs, horses) for display on the flannel-graph; a treat for animal-dummies: a bowl with milk, bone, grass; Mat - river.

Lessons Plans for kindergarten | Views: 1063 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-06-09

Topic :How do animals spend the winter?
Goal : to develop children's ideas about animal life in the forest, about how they adapt to winter, to expand knowledge about the behavior and habits of animals in winter, to increase the interest in the animal life. To develop attention, memory, logical thinking, speech of students. To foster love and respect for nature.
Vocabulary work : pit, hole, den, bear.

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Abstract classes in cognitive development, "the Birds of our city"
Objective: to Consolidate children's knowledge about birds in our city, noting their distinctive features.
1. To continue to develop speech of children and contribute to enriching children's vocabulary through communication and viewing of images of birds;
2. To develop curiosity, observation and interest in the process of all activities.
2. To intensify in the speech of familiar words (beak, feeder, wings, birds) by means of the display parts of their body;
3. Develop fine motor skills through finger plays and drills;
4. To cultivate a good relationship to birds.

Material: an Audio recording of bird sounds, toy Sparrow, painted wood, pictures: dove, blue tit, magpie, bullfinch, Sparrow; magpie beanie; feeder; feed the birds bread crumbs, millet, sunflower seeds, fat; feeders for all the children cut out pictures of birds.

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Abstract class in the world for children of the younger group "Dairy products"
Objective: to Give an idea about the origin of milk and dairy products.
- Clarify the knowledge about the benefits of milk and milk products, to fix their names.
To give a synthesis of the concept of "dairy products".
- Enrich the vocabulary of children, to consolidate the onomatopoeia.
- To consolidate drawing skills
- Develop fine motor skills
- Contribute to the development of children's imagination, creative skills.

- To raise love of Pets and desire to take care of them.
- To cultivate the ability to enjoy his work
- To cultivate tenderness and kindness to one another, hospitality.

Toy-cow, dummy food, pencils, gouache, cotton swabs, paper with a picture of a waffle Cup or tube.

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Subject: Intellectual game "What? Where? When? "

Integration of educational areas: social, communicative, cognitive, speech, aesthetic, physical.

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Software maintenance:
• To give real idea about the water turtles, habitats - sea, rivers, lakes, wetlands, their appearance, methods of movement, nutrition.
• To foster in children respect for nature, a desire to care for water turtles.

The forms and methods of conducting: Discussion, viewing of the presentation.

Educational area: "Knowledge".
Integration of educational areas: "Communication", "Socialization", "Physical culture".

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Group, the age of the children:the eldest, 5-6 years.
Goal: Creating pedagogical conditions for acquaintance with the plants.

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