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to make children easier to memorize the habitats of animals, I came up with a game-lesson. I saw in the store the wonderful pads of many animals. They liked it so much that I immediately wanted to buy them for children. With the help of parents embodied the idea to life! And now the game is ready.
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To play you need to make out of colored paper 5 houses (all different colors, pictures of animals (moose, bear, Fox, rabbit, squirrel, cards with numbers. For ease of use on the back side all components are mounted the magnets. The game itself takes place on a magnetic Board.
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Game techniques in conducting classes in physical education

The use of gaming techniques in physical education classes, during leisure and entertainment, Wellness and corrective work.
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"What is missing? "(That disappeared)

Getting ready to play. The teacher shows on the smart Board familiar food in English, talking about the benefits, picks up after 4 or more pictures: "Milk", "Bread", "Cereal", "Pie", ”Tea”, “Cheese”. The teacher should ask the children about the foods that they usually eat for Breakfast .

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The aim: to form the ability to subordinate their behavior to the rules.

Tasks: educational: learning in extensive form to answer the questions; developmental: to develop communicative skills and competences necessary for communication; to develop self-regulation (the ability to listen to the instruction of the adult, to follow the rules of the game) ; educational: to develop the skills of cultural communication; corrective: to expand vocabulary, to correct negative emotional state.

Materials: magnetic Board, magnets, tambourine, toy Pinocchio, the five keys, the five images with fairy tale characters (Pierrot, Karabas-Barabas, Malvina, Geppetto, Pinocchio, five pictures with the rules, the casket, the book with the rules, emoticons.

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Objective: to Consolidate knowledge of the rules of conduct.


1. Learning to Express their opinions, ask questions, answer questions, argue the answer is clear to the interlocutors, to improve the speech of children as a means of communication. To introduce the options of greetings, to form skills of politeness, courtesy. To consolidate children's ideas about behavior in a situation when you have guests.

2. To develop communication skills; the ability to reason.

3. To foster a culture of communication: the ability to happily converse with each other, politely, to turn; a desire to make others pleasant, and to receive from it pleasure and satisfaction. Vocabulary work: friendly, warm, hospitable, friendly.

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The problem of the origin of the project: children come to kindergarten directly from the family, so the teacher met with the children, introduces them to each other; with the premises of the group and their purpose; with the objects in the group. You should draw children's attention to the fact that this group is made so that the children were at ease and comfortable.

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Educational area "Physical culture"

Integration of educational areas "Cognition", "Communication", "literature", "Health"

Program objectives:

1. To continue to improve motor skills of children:

2. To consolidate children's knowledge about nature;

3. To cultivate independence, creativity, interest in physical education.

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   Construction of children's play is a creative activity that opens up opportunities for children to take the initiative. To have a relationship: the vision, roles, help each other, advice, questions. But sometimes there are quarrels, not dividing each other with toys, failing to engage others his plan.

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Mathematical game "ladybugs".

Objective: to Secure ideas about the part numbers of the two smaller numbers (within 10) .

Material: cards with the image of a Ladybird and the wings with dots.

Games in kindergarten | Views: 1021 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-03-26

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