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Abstract an open class "Rules of behavior in the classroom" 2018
2016-06-12, 05:35:15

The aim: to form the ability to subordinate their behavior to the rules.

Tasks: educational: learning in extensive form to answer the questions; developmental: to develop communicative skills and competences necessary for communication; to develop self-regulation (the ability to listen to the instruction of the adult, to follow the rules of the game) ; educational: to develop the skills of cultural communication; corrective: to expand vocabulary, to
to correct negative emotional state.

Materials: magnetic Board, magnets, tambourine, toy Pinocchio, the five keys, the five images with fairy tale characters (Pierrot, Karabas-Barabas, Malvina, Geppetto, Pinocchio, five pictures with the rules, the casket, the book with the rules, emoticons.

Greeting ritual
Psychologist. Hello guys! Let's say Hello (children hold hands and utter the words of greeting: "Hello everyone! ") .
The appearance of the character Pinocchio
Pinocchio. Guys, help me, happened to me the trouble: no one wants to play with me. Why? Everyone is talking about some rules of conduct.
1. The game "Think"
Psychologist (together with children discusses several examples from the life of Pinocchio.)
Pinocchio tells the story of how he went to forest view, eating ice-cream in the auditorium, which stained Wolf and Fox, then ate the candy and loudly rustling wrappers.
Pinocchio. Why all the people around me were unhappy with my behavior?
(He didn't know the rules of conduct.)
Psychologist. Guys, let's help Pinocchio to improve.
Pinocchio brought the magic casket, he closed five of the locks and the keys hidden in our magic room (a psychologist in advance puts a card with fairy tale characters and keys around the office). Each key corresponds to one rule. We need to find all five keys, and only then will be able to open the magic box and see what surprise was prepared for us Pinocchio.
2. The game "let's Go say hi"
Psychologist. Now I will read the first rule:
You come to class
You will learn, in a way!
To say Hello to everybody
You first don't forget!
What does it mean? Always when you are somewhere to come, or meet someone, you need (to greet) .
Let's show Pinocchio how we can say Hello.
Hello, Golden sun!
(Draw a circle in the air with his hands.)
Hello, blue sky!
(Waving his hands up.)
Hello, the free a breeze!
(Swing hands outstretched.)
Hello, little oak!
(Squat, showing the palm of a small oak.)
We live in their land -
(The children get up.)
All welcome!
(Stretch hands forward palms up.)
The psychologist offers one child to find a card with a fabulous character and the key, which the child then attaches to a magnetic Board.
Now we're going to play an interesting game of "let's Go say hi". We will each other greet.
When I hit the drum 1 time, you greet her with arms like that (handshake) .
When I turn the drum 2 times, you will nod to each other over the head, like so.
3. The game "Who called? "
Psychologist. That's the second rule.
No you're not rude,
All name call.
What does it mean? Ugly and not the cultural name-calling, all should be named.
Psychologist offers the second child to find a card with a fairy-tale character and the key.
And to check how well you know each other's names, we play an interesting game.
One of you will stand in the center of the circle.
All the rest around it. Then we go around the circle, saying.
Here we played, played
And now of mugs stood up.
(Name of child) close your eyes,
Who called you - find out!
One of the players says: "Hello, (child's name) ". In response standing in the center of the circle must name his name. If he guessed, stands in place screaming, and he - on his own. If not, the game continues.
4. Dynamic pause "the circle Dance"
Psychologist. Here's another one - third rule.
You friends don't hurt,
Don't fight and don't push.
Psychologist offers next child to find a card with a fabulous character and the key and attach to a magnetic Board.
Let's see how you remember. Repeat the words and motions after me! Don't forget about the rule.
We play all day
All day play is not lazy.
You, look, keep up,
All of us repeat.
We'll go to the right,
And then you go left.
In the center of the circle will gather
And will turn away.
We quietly sit down
And a little lie down.
We will go quietly
And jump lightly.
Let's get our legs.
And patted her hands.
We turn to the right,
Not to start all over again?
5. The mobile game "Please"
Psychologist. Here is another, fourth rule:
We learn to listen,
When someone says.
Say you will be just
When your friend is silent.
You adult you listen very carefully,
And to get you all just wonderful!
What does it mean? The adult should listen carefully, not interrupt, then you do it right. When a friend or adult says to kill the ugly, we have to wait until he finished speaking and then say.
Psychologist offers fourth child to find a card with a fabulous character and the key.
I will give you various tasks and you will need to comply with them only if I say the word "please". If I don't say this magic word, you stand still and do nothing. Okay? Be very careful.
• Put your hands up, please, etc.
• Have a seat.
• Stand.
• Jump up and down.
• Wander.
• Clap your hands
• Stomp your feet
• Smile.
6. Finger gymnastics
We shared an orange!
(Cam - orange in front of him.)
A lot of us
(Left hand splayed is "we".)
And one of him.
(Translate into the Cam.)
This segment for kittens,
(Turn down one finger.)
This segment for ducklings,
(Turn down another finger)
This segment for the snake,
(Turn down the third finger.)
This segment for Chizh
(Turn down the fourth finger.)
This segment for a beaver,
(Bent fifth finger.)
As for the wolf peel!
(Shake brush with relaxed fingers, like peel.)
Angry wolf - trouble
Run up who where!
(Hands hidden behind his back.)
7. The quest "What's right"
On a magnetic Board shows the picture of Pinocchio performs good and bad deeds.
Psychologist. Help Pinocchio to improve. Look at the pictures and tell me good or bad he does.
(Guys, take turns to describe the situation depicted in the picture, and argue whether this is good or bad.)
Psychologist. I will only say one more thing - the fifth rule. I think you guess what it is? What we do at the end of the lesson? (goodbye) .
That lesson went
See you soon
All friends and adults say
In unison, "goodbye! "
The psychologist suggested that the fifth child to find a card with a fairy-tale character and the key and attach to a magnetic Board.
Pinocchio. So you need to behave according to the rules.
Psychologist. Here we have collected all five keys. Let's open the magic box and see what's there. The psychologist opens the casket and pulls out the book "Guys, I give you a book which tells not only about the rules of behavior in the classroom that we have studied, but also about how to behave outside of the kindergarten: in the theatre, transport, visiting etc.

Summarizing, reflection, ritual of farewell.
The psychologist pulls out the casket Emoji. "Let us once again recall the rules of conduct in our classes" (for each correctly named rule the psychologist attaches a smiley face on the child's clothing). Children should not be repeated in the naming rules.
Psychologist. Well done, guys! Pinocchio went to school to the other guys and hoped that you will use all rules that you met in class.
The ritual of farewell. All the children join hands and say farewell phrase:"Thank you all! Bye! "
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