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Abstract on physical culture for children of middle group "Circus" 2018
2016-06-10, 22:08:30

Educational area "Physical culture"

Integration of educational areas "Cognition", "Communication", "literature", "Health"

Program objectives:

1. To continue to improve motor skills of children:

2. To consolidate children's knowledge about nature;

3. To cultivate independence, creativity, interest in physical education.

Move NOD:

Teacher: Guys, who of you ever been to the circus?

- What animals did you like? (Children's responses). Today we will play circus animals.

Teacher: so, boys and girls prick up their ears, listen carefully, will do the movement just fine. Ready, to right. (Walking in a column one by one) .

Monkey acrobats Walking in a column one by one.

Deftly doing the splits,

Rope the cat goes, Walk the line hand in hand.

Mishka sings songs:

In the circus performance

All surprisingly.

Stood on stilts, the Pelican Walking on toes, hands on his belt.

And yelled, " giant!

Bear left to walk, Walking on the outside of the foot.

All with me calls out.

Proteins children saw

Around the arena ran. Running for each other.

Ran, and then Walk for each other.

Fun again come on.

- And now the idea begins.

I. General developmental exercises:

1."Sea lion".And. p. : standing, feet shoulder width apart. Hands on waist, tilt head to right, I. p., left, in I. p. (5-6 times) .

Turns the nose of the lion of the sea

The ball is bright blue,

Last on the scene has

And applause is waiting.

2."Stands by me.And. p. : feet at shoulder width, hands on waist, turn right, straight, I. p. The same to the left. (3 times)

The Fox dressed up

And in the dance spin.

3. "In the arena elephant".And. p. : standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands in the castle over head, arms straight, I. p.

In the arena of important elephant

The children took to the bow;

And a bouquet of red roses

For his wife claimed.

4."Tiger is the athlete."And. p. : standing, legs slightly apart, arms down at your sides, sit down, hands on knees, stand, I. p. (5-6P)

He released the tiger into the arena

Showed what an athlete he is.

5."Monkeys".And. p. : standing, feet together, hands on waist, jumping jacks, alternating with walking on the spot (2-3P)

And jump with coconuts

Long-nosed monkeys.

6."Exercise is a giraffe." I. p. : standing, legs slightly apart, arms down at your sides. To raise hands through the parties upwards, lower I. p. (5-6P)

Giraffe in the sky nose – whet,

And wrote in the sky: the CIRCUS!

Teacher: And now go into the arena of circus lions, dogs and baby rabbits!

Principal movements:

1). Step through Cantanhede Picanto side step

The orange lions. hands on waist (2-3 p)

2). Dachshund, poodle and the bulldog Climbing gym

The circus came to the presentation of a bench leaning on hands

Began to crawl on the bench and knees (2-3 p)

Here is the adventure.

3). Jumps like a ball, Jumping on two legs

Long-eared Bunny. from Hoop to Hoop (2-3 p)

Rainbow wants to get it,

Through the rainbow jumping.

Teacher: And now, my boys, well, I'll give a riddle:

Previously, he slept in the den

The circus he called to her.

He lifts weights –

Circus performer strong. (Children: bear)

Mobile game: "Children and the bear".

II.A peaceful walk.

Teacher: so ended our walk to the circus, the animals remain to continue to compete, and we go to Swami's group.

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