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Abstract the on formation of ideas about guest etiquette for children with mental retardation (6-7 years) "We're going to visit" 2018
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Objective: to Consolidate knowledge of the rules of conduct.


1. Learning to Express their opinions, ask questions, answer questions, argue the answer is clear to the interlocutors, to improve the speech of children as a means of communication. To introduce the options of greetings, to form skills of politeness, courtesy. To consolidate children's ideas about behavior in a situation when you have guests.

2. To develop communication skills; the ability to reason.

3. To foster a culture of communication: the ability to happily converse with each other, politely, to turn; a desire to make others pleasant, and to receive from it pleasure and satisfaction. Vocabulary work: friendly, warm, hospitable, friendly.

Teacher: - Guys, look what a nice day today. Together us join hands, and each other smile. You're my friend and I'm your friend. Friends all friends around.

Teacher:- Guys, tell me, who likes to walk in guests? (answers of children) . - I thought so: to walk in love with all. But you must know how to behave at a party. - And when people go to visit?

Children: - When bored, when bored, on a birthday, for the holidays.

Teacher:- Who is the guest? - Who is the master? - What do you think master can be called a good host? (answers of children) .

Teacher: - Children, today we are going to play in "guests". We now distribute, who will be the host and hostess? The other children will be guests. Before the game, our guys will show you a hint that will help many people to remember the rules of behavior. There are some guys and show improvisation scioto-rhenium: some of them depict the guests and other hosts.

Game guests - Hello, Hello, we are waiting for you! - We wet the rain. - We were expecting guests! We got soaked to the bone. - Where's your umbrella? - Lost! - Where galoshes? The cat took! - Where are the gloves? - Ate dog! Is guests not a problem, come and see me in the gate Rise to the threshold of our Apple pie. I. Rachilla

Teacher: - And now let's talk which violated the rules for guests? (answers of children)

Teacher: - that's Right, guests were late, they were tired of waiting. You should always arrive on time. Late valid no more than 15-20 minutes and if there were some circumstances.

Teacher: - to Come have a neat, clean clothes and shoes. And these guests are lost, get wet.

Teacher: - Guys, let's try in the game to be good guests.

Children: - Yes. Teacher:- do you Guys want to see a scene "came To me. Maybe it will help us to understand this? (the scene is played out the meeting of the guest with a kind and friendly host)

Teacher: - Guys, do you think Cooking was a very gracious host? Timur: I think that Cooking was a very gracious host.

Teacher: - Why do you think that Timur? Timur: - Because she smiled, said Hello, welcomed into the guest house. Teacher: - What the guest felt, when I met him mistress?

Daniel: - I think he enjoyed it happily.

Teacher: - what do you think Jon?

Jon: - I believe that he was very pleased.

Teacher: - what do you think, what words need to tell the host that the guest realized that the owner of it happy?

Billy: "Come in, please; I'm so glad you came; I am pleased to see you. Teacher: - And now let's see how welcomed guest to another host. (the scene is played out the meeting of the guest with the rude, unfriendly owner)

Teacher: - what do you think the guest felt when he so met?

Kate: - He was insulting and unpleasant

. Teacher: - will the guest to come again to such owner?

Billy: I think that the owner met a rude guest, not said hi, not invited, was not happy guest, to such owner's guests won't want to come.

Teacher: - Guys, I asked the question in the beginning of the lesson what they call a good master? So what should be a good host, now you will be able to answer?

Children: - the Owner must be friendly, warm, kind, cheerful, attentive, hospitable.

Teacher: - Guys, let's remember, what words people greet each other? What words say to each other when they met?

Children: - Hello, hi, good afternoon, good evening, fireworks.

Teacher: - Why do we say these words, do you think?

Angelina: I think say this because I wish each other good health. Want to play a game of "Let's say Hello". One cotton - shake hands Two cotton - Hello shoulder pads Kick drum - Hello backs.

Teacher: - it was Nice to say Hello to each other? Why? What facial expression did you have? (joyful) .

Teacher:- do you Guys remember the rules of conduct for guests:

1. To say Hello, to undress with the owner.

2. In front of the mirror to clean myself up: comb your hair, fix her clothes.

3. Walk into a room to say Hello to hostess, to wait until she'll introduce you to other guests. If you are familiar, you have just to say Hello all at once. If you do not know, first girls, then boys, smiling kindly.

4. Taking seats, to move the chair to his lady, to help her get more comfortable.

5. Not to sit at the table before you sit down the hostess and ladies.

6. To sit at the table should be straight, not leaning.

7. There are silently.

8. A napkin spread out on his knees.

9. Lips to wipe with a paper towel, which is then, crumpling, put on your plate.

10. Sitting at the table, don't refuse food if you are hungry, eat a little. Do not say you do not like something. It's rude.

11. The food on the plate to apply a little bit of everything. Don't eat everything yourself!

12. Not to talk with his mouth full.

13. Not to say that can spoil the appetite.

14. From the table get up only after the rise of the hostess.

15. If those to whom you came to visit your friends, offer their help in washing the dishes, cleaning off the table.

16. And the last one. Do not leave immediately after eating. The owners might think that you came to them just for that. If you need to leave early, please inform the owners as soon as he came.

Summing up:

Teacher: - Is it important that today we found out? What's useful to you in your life? What will you tell your parents about our game today? Reflection: on the table are three kinds of smileys: one smiling, the other a little frustrated, and sad. - Guys, now I will ask you themselves to evaluate themselves. - if you could easily do the task – take a smiling emoticon; - if you were a bit difficult – a bit of a frustrated smiley; and if you find it difficult, and you helped someone – take a sad smiley. And explain why you made that choice? (Children explain) .

Teacher: - Cooking you an awesome idea how to greet guests, was a very gracious host. I was very pleased to see Billy and Jon answered questions. Pleased today and Timur. I think that you have learned to happily talk to each other politely contact; the desire to make others pleasant, and to receive from it pleasure and satisfaction.


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