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Building a game in the middle group 2018
2016-06-02, 07:53:51

   Construction of children's play is a creative activity that opens up opportunities for children to take the initiative. To have a relationship: the vision, roles, help each other, advice, questions. But sometimes there are quarrels, not dividing each other with toys, failing to engage others his plan.

    Children's construction itself is a game character, it is a practical acquaintance with the construction activity of the person.

For children is a process of creation where they can practically apply the building material of various shapes and sizes.

During the game children constantly uses the loss of color detail, their size, shape, etc., this gives them a fuller, more exciting to realize the plan.

Building games bring together children on the basis of common interests and are collective. To teach together to build a structure of alternately – a difficult task, we need common activities of children and caregivers.

Adult not only demonstrates the capabilities of the building material, but also explains how you can play along.

      The teacher can guide the construction game differently. First showing methods of construction of buildings and playing with it. With the expansion of the gaming experience it from time to time asks the children what they are planning to build, advise how and where to do it better. Prevents misunderstandings that sometimes arise. Children should learn to consider the opinion of a partner can fairly evaluate their work in the General case, modest to determine their particle. The most effective means of pedagogical management of construction games is the overall game of the teacher and children to use toy story as motive construction.

    Our students learn a new wooden designer.

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