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Didactic game "What is missing?" "What's gone?" English language learners 2018
2016-07-03, 00:22:36

"What is missing? "(That disappeared)

Getting ready to play. The teacher shows on the smart Board familiar food in English, talking about the benefits, picks up after 4 or more pictures: "Milk", "Bread", "Cereal", "Pie", ”Tea”, “Cheese”. The teacher should ask the children about the foods that they usually eat for Breakfast .

The didactic task. To develop children's knowledge about different foods to acquaint about the use of the products; to develop attention, quick thinking, logical thinking.

The game action. The teacher learns from the children how the English language are pronounced the food (as long as children do not remember). The teacher says in English, "Close your eyers". Children must quickly close my eyes. The teacher removes one card and tells the kids to open eyes "Open your eyes". The teacher asks "What is missing? ". Children need to remember in English the name of the window.

The rules of the game. For quick and correct answer the child gets a red flag. The winner is the one who gets more flags.

Note. Cards can be on any topic, items. The game can be complicated with the addition of new cards on the topic (if the topic is in the middle group, only 4 cards are selected, for Junior and preparatory group of cards can be 10, depending on the capabilities of the children). In this game children can be divided into several teams.
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