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Directing the play "Trip to hometown" 2018
2016-02-14, 04:18:51

Purpose: Education of love to native places, to a small home, the development of tolerance of older preschoolers.


To introduce children to the architecture of the city, its attractions and beauty in the form of a journey by bus.

To enrich the knowledge about the attractions of his native city.

Consolidate knowledge about vital objects in his native city.

Activation dictionary of potential preschoolers.

Development of informative interest of senior preschool children to the history and culture of their ethnic group.

Providing a supportive, emotionally saturated positive climate in the group and in the relationship between family and preschool staff.

Developing children's aesthetic perception, emotional responsiveness and creativity.

To enrich the gaming experience of senior preschool children by means of music, national outdoor games.

1. The conversation about transport, designing of bus of "bricks" and chairs

2. The Seating places according to the tickets, the choice of the driver, talk about the rules of conduct on the bus.

3. View the presentation "How to behave in public places".

4. Word game "We eat, eat, eat. "

Round game "My favorite kindergarten"

5. Consolidation of acquired knowledge

6. Reflection - removing workplace.

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