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Game techniques in conducting physical education classes 2018
2016-07-10, 20:31:16
Game techniques in conducting physical education classes

The use of gaming techniques in physical education classes, during leisure and entertainment, Wellness and corrective work.

1. Inviting the children into the hall (on the Playground, at a certain place in the group, plot, etc., visit the "toy store", "zoo" trip to the forest, to the sea, to visit grandma)

2. Invitation from any character, literary character (letter, postcard, telegram, meeting, verbal invitation) .

3. The appearance of a fairy-tale character.

4. Games for all children"Overcome the barrier", "Play with the Parsley," kinds of transformation, of reincarnation, i.e., the execution of simulation exercises) .

1. Those same techniques.

2. Team competitions or team performance of certain exercises, tasks ("Do like me", "Do it better than us") .

3. Individual competition (two or three pairs of children) .

1. Exercises with imaginary objects.

2. A different journey (on another planet, in the future, in the mirror, at a different time of the year in the city of big man, etc.) .

3. Demonstration performances of teams.

4. The use of rhyme, drawings, puzzles.

5. Individual performances "Repeat after me",

"Do as I do", "Guess who I am, what I do."

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