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"Guess who lives where?" (3 in 1) 2018
2017-08-04, 10:33:46
to make children easier to memorize the habitats of animals, I came up with a game-lesson. I saw in the store the wonderful pads of many animals. They liked it so much that I immediately wanted to buy them for children. But, it was interesting to children, it was necessary to invent a game. Got the idea to make a mural in addition to the game, bears and developmental basis. With the help of parents embodied the idea to life! And now the game is ready.

The kids loved it, as evidenced by the photos. The result: children are better able to remember and call the habitats of animals, distinguish the voices, happy to speak for themselves, and in the future, when the children are older, remembering this game, you will understand that it is a planar model of the Earth that we all – people, animals, birds, amphibians, despite the different habitats and housing, live on the same planet, as evidenced in this panel (blue background is divided into small areas)

Option 1: "guess who lives where?"

Goal: to shape the ability of children to match the animal with its habitat, correctly naming the animal.


- explain to children that depicted in panel (Example: picture of a house, then live here pet; depict the sun and unusual trees is a hot country; shows a Christmas tree, a tree, a shrub is a forest, in the forest wild animals; shows a pond and the cattail is a pond, there are frog, fish, etc.).

to develop auditory perception and phrase speech;

- to develop imagination in the recognition of the animal.

- to be able on the basis of generalization to match the animal picture with the image of his habitat (a pond, a pet lives in the forest is a wild animal living in a hot country);

- to develop the ability to Express my feelings by saying them out loud (soft, smooth, pleasant);

- the removal of emotional stress when feeling pads.

Preparatory stage: conversations about animals.

Material used: mural depicting the habitats of animals; soft pads of many depicting animals.

The game:

The teacher draws the children's attention on the panel. Offers children to consider and say what they see. After the statements of the children says: Guys do all animals have a home. The place where he is best. In another place it will be bad, uncomfortable. Now I will tell You who and where lives. Alternately showing the image in the upper left corner:

- Guys, what you see is what is depicted here? After hearing the responses of children continues. Here you can see a house. This means that there are live animals – dog, cow, etc. What else do you know of Pets?

Children respond and the teacher corrects right or wrong.

The child responds: - the Hare lives in the forest, is a wild animal. Asks to settle this animal according to its habitat.

At the end of the lesson the teacher gives the children to play, to mash fingers on the pad and say that children feel which pads - animals (soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch).

Option 2: "Who knows what to do?"

Objective: to teach children to name the animals; to note and call them distinctive features.


- to intensify in the speech verbs (jumping, croaking, barking, growling, guarding, watering, Moos, jumps...

Educator says about the animal: This dog. The dog is a pet. She has a master who cares for her, feeds her. She guards the house and barks.

Then asks questions: Who is this? Where does she live? It's a wild or a pet? What's the dog doing? Children respond.

In the end, the teacher makes a conclusion: All animals live in different habitats. Each animal has special signs by which we know them. All animals live on Earth.
Option 3: "guess whose voice?"

Objective: to teach children to distinguish by hearing onomatopoeia and develop articulation apparatus.


- to teach children to distinguish between appearance and "voice" of animals, name them correctly;

- to teach children to respond to questions.

- to develop the articulatory apparatus, fixing the pronunciation of sounds in onomatopoeic words.

The game:

The teacher shows on the panel and pointing at the animal, said the dog. She barks like this: bow wow. How the dog barks? (Answers of children.)

- A cow. She grunts so Mu-u-u – mu-u-u. As you hear a cow? Etc.

Telling about all the animals, asks the children: - Guys, guess who it is?

Children answer: a Cow.

Teacher: - As a cow mooing!

Children: Mu-u-u – mu-u-u...

And so on all the animals. In the end, the adult invites the children take turns to put each animal according to its habitat.
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