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Houses animals 2018
2017-08-04, 10:20:20
To play you need to make out of colored paper 5 houses (all different colors, pictures of animals (moose, bear, Fox, rabbit, squirrel, cards with numbers. For ease of use on the back side all components are mounted the magnets. The game itself takes place on a magnetic Board.


- to consolidate the vocabulary for the lexical topic "wild animals";

- to consolidate quantitative and ordinal account within 5;

to consolidate concepts: "more", "less", "biggest", "smallest";

- fix the orientation in space, the concept of "left", "right", "center", "between";

to develop eye.

A rough plan of tasks.

1) Find a house for animals. Every animal lives in his house. (Leading phrase: "the Moose lives in the big house, where lives a squirrel)

2) That animals are not lost it is necessary to identify the house numbers. Arrange the numbers in order from 1 to 5, so that the little house was the first. Count the house. How many houses? How many animals?

3) Who lives in the house between the bear and the hare? Who lives to the left of the moose? etc.

4) Who lives in a blue house? etc.

5) Who lives in the biggest house? etc.
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