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Master class on creating attributes for a role-playing game "School" 2020

In the preparatory group of children often play in different role–playing games. To interest the children and promote a long duration of the game, there is the question of equipping them with a variety of attributes. Well when there is financial support, but you can do on your own. Offer several ideas that are very useful to us to play in school.


Print pictures of the portfolio, the size of a little more than half of A4 paper.

Fold the sheet of paper, the edges glued together.

For strength, tape, glue the top of the portfolio from both sides.

Clip the excess.


To print a notebook, but positioning on the right side so that you can fold in half, then get the cover artwork.

Now slice the leaves into the cage (or in line) and insert in cover. The extra crop.

The guys themselves to measure, cut and pasted, and I helped to fasten. To do this, take the bracket (for stapler, measured where to make the puncture with a needle. By making punctures in the cover and 2-3 leaves are bent staples.

Children are very good and long play, and relate to attributes carefully, because they put their part of work in common cause

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