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Role-playing game "Blue bus" 2018
2016-02-13, 10:24:25

Goal: to create conditions for the development of cognitive and creative abilities of children in the process specially simulated situation.



-consolidate children's knowledge of transport, occupation: chauffeur, guard; sentry;

- repeat the rules of behavior in public places;

- to reinforce the rules of safe behavior on the street (in the Park) ;

- to intensify the speech of the children ;

- fix the ability to perform a game action on the vocal instructions

- to teach respect in the game the basic rules of behavior.


- to develop imagination, imagination, creativity;

-to develop the play activity of children, motor activity, motor coordination, ability to work together during the games.

- to develop children's interest in different kinds of games.

- to develop in children the ability to choose a role to fulfill in the game several interrelated activities;

- maintain a cheerful and good mood.


- to arouse and maintain interest in learning activities,

- to foster love for literature, music;

- to foster a desire to play in a team of peers.

- to cultivate the ability to listen to each other and the caregivers, to work together during the games.

Integration of educational areas:

educational training "Speech development": learning to listen, the ability to generate Dialogic speech, to learn to answer the questions in word and sentence consisting of 3-4 words. To intensify in the speech, the concepts associated with transport, professions, and actions of employees. To exercise in onomatopoeia.

educational training "Cognitive development: to continue to acquaint with the professions to pay attention to labor actions and their results; to teach to distinguish transport; to support cognitive interest;

educational training "Physical development": learning to execute game actions, to promote improved performance by children of the main types of movements, development of physical qualities, independence, expressiveness and creativity in physical exercise, active games. To nurture in children the ability to follow the basic rules, to coordinate the movements, to navigate in space.

NGO "Artistic and aesthetic development": to promote the development of skills of expressive and emotional transfer game images. To form skills of orientation in space.

Activities: cognitive (the formation of an integral picture of the world, broaden their horizons, communication, play, motor.

Preliminary work:

Conversations with children on the theme: "a Trip with his parents in the Park", "How to behave in public places", the conversation about people of different professions.

Viewing album: "Transportation", "Profession", "the places of the city of .....", etc.

Looking at pictures.

Outdoor games: "Car and sparrows", "the Colored car", role-playing games: "Car", "a trip to the village, Excursion to the Park".

Reading art works: "Cars on our street", "As the guys crossed the street", Leila Berg "Stories about the small little car".

Looking at pictures depicting roads, public transport.

Review bus, trolleybus, train tickets.

Vocabulary work: the driver, the conductor, tickets, crossroads, traffic inspector.

Material and equipment: the layout of the bus cap for the driver; the steering wheel; the lights, the form for the inspector, the bag with the tickets, the Hoop for the game "Roundabout".

the sequence of thе game:

Caregiver: You love to travel?


Teacher: today I want to invite you to an interesting journey. Guess the riddle and you will learn what we eat to travel.

The house the street is,

On all lucky

Not on chicken thin legs

And in rubber boots.

The children's responses.

Teacher: that's right, today we will go on a journey and lucky for us the magic bus. What color is it? (Blue)

And who works on the bus?

The children's responses.

Teacher: and what does the driver?

The children's responses: (driving the bus.)

Teacher: guys, what makes a conductor?

The children's responses.

Teacher: take the tickets, announce stops, keeps order on the bus. And what to say, when you buy and receive a ticket?

- Don't forget to say "Please" and "thank you". You need to be rude.

- what do you call people who ride the bus?


Teacher: that's right. People who ride the bus are called passengers.

- What rules of conduct should be observed by the passengers?


Educator. So to give place to older people culturally behave on the bus, hold onto the handrails.

- What not to do in the bus?


Teacher: it is Impossible: to shout, to make noise, to indulge, to distract the driver, put my head out, hands out the window.

Blue bus is waiting for us. But so it went - we need a driver.

The distribution of roles. Arnold we will have a chauffeur (wearing a cap) Get the driver behind the wheel taking guys. The bus has a conductor, them will I (the teacher takes the role of the conductor itself). And you guys will be who?

The children's responses: (to passengers.)

Conductor: go to a bus, sit on seats, please tell me what should be every passenger?

The children's responses.

The conductor: I handed out the tickets, the road the road call.

Comrade chauffeur, started the engine, drove off quickly.

And so we was fun to ride, let's sing a song about the "Blue bus"

Educator. Why have we stopped? Yes, that's right, in the way a traffic light. And who is that standing at the crossroads?

- Why did the traffic warden watches?

- And what color the traffic light you can go?

The conductor: stop at "the Park"

Get off the bus, let's visit some attraction.

Educator. Do you like to ride on the carousel?

Be the game "Roundabout".

And this Circuit. How many cars here! Get in the car and two went.

Conductor: walk to the bus, take their seats. Comrade chauffeur, started the engine, drove off quickly.

Conductor: next stop "Ice arena" to be Conducted gaming activity "Winter fun"

The conductor: get on the bus, sit down. Next stop "Kindergarten" Children walk to the bus and get seats. Went

Reflection. Guys, tell me, where were we? (at the Park, at the Ice arena). What do you think, what transport can you travel? (by car, train). Could fit in a car all our guys? Properly, well done guys, but the bus is convenient to travel because it can fit many people and he can drive everywhere! And you like, travel on the bus?

So we went back to our native children's garden. What do you remember most? What did you like? What you don't see? Would you like to visit in the Park? And at the Ice arena? Our blue bus time in the garage. Next time we go to the zoo training

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