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Role-playing game "The Farm" (middle group) 2018
2016-02-14, 04:03:22

Software maintenance:

- Help create a game environment, the interaction between those who chose certain roles.

- To develop children's ability to play according to his own design, to stimulate creativity of children at play.

- To form friendly relationships in the game, a sense of humanism, activity, responsibility, friendliness.

To reinforce their previous knowledge about the work of a doctor, salesman, hairdresser, Builder.

Preliminary work:

Observation of Pets under natural conditions. Talks about professions, illustration, looking at paintings.

Gaming roles:

- farmer (foreman) ;

- livestock (pig care) ;

- 2 attendant;

- 2 milkmaid;

- the shepherd.


- clothing (aprons, scarves, bathrobes) ;

- the seeds for the birds

- straw for cows, goats

- inventory (buckets) ;

- fence;

the dummy feeders for animals;

- plane figures of domestic animals (cow, goat, pig, piglets, sheep, sheep) and birds (hen, rooster, goose) .

The approximate course of the game

They come in a group, stand around the teacher.

You guys are like puzzles to solve?

The teacher thinks of a riddle:

M-e-e! "The guys who calls?

Beard who shakes?

Who twisted horns

And as berry eyes?

It's for the kiddies on the track

Approaches (The Goat)

Who is Piglet

Not squeezed into a Cam?

At the foot of her hooves.

She eats and drinks from a trough. (Pig)

Faster than the wind I ride,

"Clop-clop," – hooves pounding,

I loudly "yoke-th" cry,

Sit back – let's ride! (Horse)

I am calm and stubborn

In the main I herd so far.

With soft curly fur,

With the curl wear the horns. (Sheep)

Though my strong hoof

And my horns are sharp,

I'm being kind and not angry,

Temper is not strict.

In the field I Moo: "Moo-Moo!

Who want some milk? "(The cow)

Teacher: We solved the riddles. How one word can be called all these animals? (Animals / Pets)

Teacher: And why are they so called? (Because they live with a man, the man cares about them)

Teacher: People have tamed all these animals and built a huge house. Any of you knows how is called the place where I live all Pets? (Farm)

Teacher: What is a farm? Who works on a farm? Who is the farmer and what does he do? (outlines the work plan; instructs the workers what they should do, takes the finished products to the market; purchases of feed for animals). Who is a milkmaid? What does it do? (milking cows and goats by hand or using milking machine, pours in the buckets, is friendly towards his players, monitors the health of cows and goats). The shepherd? What does he do? (responsible for animals; drives them to pasture, graze in the meadow; driving back to the barn). Attendant? What is her role? (caring for poultry; collects water from the well, collecting eggs, pours feed into trough, changing the water, cleaning cages). Breeder? (cares for the pig, piglets, feeds them, waters, cleans, lays out the hay, pours feed) .

Teacher: Guys, any of you been on a farm? Want to go there? Now we are going to pass on the "Funny farm". All the children, getting there, just become adults and can do the job as adults.

- And we will go back here on this bus. (In the group of chairs stand in a row three).

- Who will be the driver?

- Take your seats and we're going to the "Funny farm".

(The drone machine)

Teacher: - All here! Come out, please. Here is our "farm frenzy". You look at each other. All became adults. That would work, Yes?

- We have already said, who works on the farm? Let's try to guess which is which suit.

The teacher conducts a game of "Whose costume? "(shows one of the attributes of the costume, the kids call) .

Is what suit? Milkmaids.

- Who will be a milker for cows? Goats?.

The teacher and children allocating roles.

Teacher: Well, now, everything is ready, you can now begin its work.

During the game the teacher helps to create a game environment, to establish relationships between those who chose a certain role; assists in the game experience gained by the children earlier.

Teacher: At our farm it was evening, the working day ended, cattle, barn close, finish the job all employees. All Board the bus and go home or in kindergarten.

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