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Role-playing game "To her grandmother in the village" 2018
2016-02-14, 03:53:12

Narrative role-playing game for young children "To the grandmother in village".

Purpose: to Involve children in the game plot, to enhance auditory perception, encourage motor imitation and intonation.

Program objectives:

*encourage children to watch the actions of the caregiver

* create the ability to define roles

*learning to act with imaginary objects

*to form the skills of cultural behavior

* to foster love for the native

Material and equipment:

- The scenery of rural life

- grandma's house

- the coop and its inhabitants

- booth and the dog

- mini-farm

- Pets.

Preliminary work:

* conversations with children : "Our grandmothers"

* Read the poem "My grandmother".

* examining illustrative paintings

"My grandmother in the village"

* conversations with children, " Who lives with her grandmother on a farm? "

* looking at paintings of Pets

* repetition poems about Pets.

The game:

Teacher: - Children, today I called grandma and invited me to visit. We go to visit grandma?

Children: - Yes, let's go.

Teacher: - Guys, you can tell me to go to Granny's for a visit with empty hands?

Children: No. Be sure to buy grandma something for tea.

Teacher: I Agree with you guys, let's get on the road we'll get grandma a cake. Our grandmother lives very far away and we'll go on a train. Come on guys rather take your seats.

P/And "Train". (Children to music go on the train. The train stops near my grandmother's village. Children are welcomed by the grandmother)

Teacher: - Here are the guys we came to grandma.

Grandma : Hello my dear kids. How nice that you came to visit me.

Children: - Hey grandma, we are very happy to see you.

Grandma : Guys I want to show you his farm. How do you think I live? (children's responses). Let's see.(children come to the booth). Children look who lives in my booth?

Children: (looks in box) Oh, Yes it is a dog.

Grandma: Yes, this is my puppy Buddy. Guys, please tell me you know some poem about a dog?


 Yes we know.

Here's a dog sitting in the booth,

Breakfast in her stomach,

She guards the house

I quietly lived there.

Grandma: Oh, what you have done. And my puppy really protects the house. Guys let Buddy walk, and we will go further. Watch this I have a chicken coop. Who lives in a chicken coop? (children's responses) Guys tell me how to call my mom in the coop? As she screams?

Children: Chicken. Ko - Ko-Ko.

Grandma: what's the name of the Pope in the hen house? As he screams?

Children: Cockerel. Ku-ka-re-ku.

Grandma: what do they call little kids? How are they screaming?

Children: The Little Chickens. Chuck -Chuck -Chuck

Grandma: Guys, let's play. I turn into a chicken, the boys in the males and girls Chicks.

Game sketch " chicken, chickens and roosters. "

Grandma: well Done guys, good of you got the little chickens and roosters. Let's go ahead and see who lives in my little farm? Children look who's standing there?

Children: This horse.

Grandma: Good guess. Do you know the poem about the horse?

Children: Yes We Know. (reading of the poem "I love my horse")

Grandma: and you Guys know how screaming horse?

Children: the Yoke, the yoke.

Grandma: Oh what you have done. Guys look here, who's this?

Children: Cow.

Grandma: you Know adults and children

And it is known throughout the world,

There is no more useful than the morning

Drink a Cup of milk,

That would have been all healthy,

Gives us his cow!

Guys and tell me you love me in the morning to drink milk?

Children: Yes love.

Grandma: You have done well. How nice that you have visited.

Teacher: Guys we need to get back home. Let's say goodbye to grandma and tell her thanks for all.

Children: Thank you grandma for everything. Goodbye!

Grandma: thank you my babies. Goodbye!

Teacher: Guys you like my grandmother in the village?

Children: Yes, I liked it

Teacher: what animals did you see there?

Children: Dog, Cockerel, chicken, chickens, a horse, a cow.

Teacher: What are you fellows all the animals memorized. Now boys take
your seats on the train.

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