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Scenario quiz "rules of conduct in case of fire" 2018
2016-02-13, 17:48:37

Vedas. Hello guys! Today we dedicated our meeting one of the very necessary, but dangerous professions – the profession of fire.

Under March in the hall are team.

Vedas. Let's meet our teams. Submission instructions: name, motto.

Vedas. And now, friends, let me introduce you to the members of our jury.

Presentation of the jury.

Vedas.It's time to start our competition!

Hall flies into Forest Witch on a broom.

J. B. was Lucky I landed! Fun some. Recognize me? Yes, it's me, Forest Witch (F. W.) ! What's the occasion?

Vedas. We gathered with the children to compete strength, dexterity and speed.

F. W. Wow! Have fun, huh? But I'm very sad.

Vedas. Forest Witch, and what happened?

F. W. Oh. Remember my hut on chicken legs? So, I ran away from it. And I became homeless.

Vedas. Forest Witch, or maybe you offended the hut?

F. W
I'm offended! Yes I am the most innocent Granny in the whole magical forest! Well, of course, anything can happen – well will make a noise, they'll scream... nerves, you know! And usually I'm fun, love to play.

Appears brownie Kuzya.

F. W. Kuzma, brownie my! Where is my hut? Help me get her back.

Kuzma. And I warned you, grandma: will flee from you hut, can not stand this life.

Vedas. Kuzma, and why does the hut run away?

Kuzma. Yes, because with Forest Witch to live dangerously. As the house of the poor have not fired or is not exploded! Forest Witch does not know and does not comply with fire safety regulations.

F. W. Which of these rules I don't know?

Vedas. Wait, do not swear. Today we gathered with the children to remember the rules of conduct in case of fire. Stay with us and you will learn a lot of useful information.

And we, guys, we're on our competitions!

If the room you have

Tears fall from my eyes,

As the smoke curls clubs

And chews the fire Palace.

Need the courage to find,

The phone to come up,

Try to recall the numbers

From zero to nine.

Boldly up to read "01" to be able to dial.

F. W. Oh, do not remember what numbers? Remind me.

1 relay "Call of fire"- selections run to the phone, dial the number, say the name and surname, home address, back.

F. W. But if a fire starts, all my property will burn to the ground? Oh-Oh-Oh!

Vedas. During a fire rescuers pulled out people from fire, beasts, and things. Now we show you.

2 relay "Rescuers"- participants climb into the tunnel, "burning" the Hoop take the "victim" and back.

Vedas. Grandma, how do you Stoke the furnace?

F. W. How, how... Very simple! Wood inserted into the furnace, a match will ignite. And myself on the stove, climb, and sleep-snore warm.

Kuzma. You snore on the stove, and I embers the carcass, which fall from the furnace. Listen guys about the embers.

Grandma Roman( name) decided to play

And the door next to the stove climbed to access.

From the oven fell naughty ember

Wooden floor and instantly burned.

And here the lights jumped around,

And broke out, like a splinter grandmother's house:

Glow Wallpaper, floors, ceilings,

Frolic in the lights-charcoal.

The outer walls sad hum,

And grandma with Roma sitting in the snow.

Sits our novel and can't understand:

Why did he got the door to open? f

3 relay "Gather fire" - a team member puts on a glove, picks up a scoop for garbage, jumping from Hoop to Hoop, runs to the "burning" of the Hoop, takes a "piece of coal" (crumpled red paper, put in a scoop back.

F. W
Now I will be following closely behind the stove. But if suddenly breaks out of coal, what to do?

Kuzma. And I know that the fire can be filled with sand, pour water or foam from a fire extinguisher.

Vedas. Our members also know how to fight the fire until firefighters arrived.

4 relay "Extinguish the fire" parties with the "fire extinguisher" run to "source of fire" extinguish "the fire", return, pass "the fire extinguisher" to the next player.

F. W. I get it.

Kuzma. Tell me, witch, what do you know appliances?

F. W. the TV, tape recorder, computer, fridge...

Kuzma. It's not heating devices. They can be used even for children, but gently. But there are appliances -heating: electric kettle, iron... Their children to include prohibited!

Vedas. Let's make sure, you know about our team of heating and heating devices.

5 relay "Appliances"- in the wrap laid out pictures of electrical devices. Participants choosing not space heaters, other heating.

F. W. I get it. This is all very interesting.

Vedas. Now, listen to another rule.

In the apartment can not leave

Gas to burn.

Otherwise, friends,

Will bitterly regret!

Not over the gas stove

Drying wet clothes.

You know what

A large fire threatens the ignorant.

F. W. Oh, guys, I didn't know that. Now remember, thank you! Come on, Hugo, restore to me the hut.

Kuzma. No, Forest Witch, too early. Better guess the riddle:

Us in box 100 girlfriends,

No place for us in toys.

In our heads is hidden fire,

Children say: we don't speak of it!

F. W. I don't know.

Vedas. Guys, please help Forest Witch.

Children. It's a match.

F. W. Oh, matches I love to play: ignite it and toss into the dry grass, the beauty!

Kuzma. Well, you, Forest Witch, give, was this possible? In the forest is impossible to make a fire, to burn the grass. In the grass there are all kinds of insects is their home.

Vedas. Matches must be in the home – box. Their children can not be taken.

6 relay "Find a match" - the first participant on a large ball jumps up to the cube, where are the matches, takes one match, comes back, puts in boxes, etc.

Vedas. Well done, guys! Forest Witch, and you have all the rules memorized?

F. W. Yes, Yes, I will now list them. If you notice fire, call the fire brigade by telephone. Extinguish the fire with sand and water. Foam from a fire extinguisher. Children are not allowed to turn on heating devices without adults. Leaving the house, turn off the electrical appliances. If fired oven, you cannot open the oven door. Be careful with gas. Don't play with matches. Do not leave a fire smouldering in the forest.

Vedas. Forest Witch, look who it is. (rushes into the hut) .

F. W. what a Pleasure! Got back on guys! I now all the rules of fire safety to comply with the will.

Forest Witch, the hut and Hugo go. The jury sums up the results, children are given present

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