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Synopsis a sensitive moment Lunch in the second youngest group (formation of etiquette) 2018
2016-02-13, 17:40:06

The course of the regime moment:

1. Organizational moment.

The assistant teacher serves the tables, the children at this time are with the tutor.

In-l: we came to visit the doll Jon. Who do you think he is? (chef)

Let's repeat together – "cook"

Why do you say that?

What does the cook? (children's responses)

In-l: how do you think we'll give for lunch? (the children's responses is soup, the second, compote)

In-l: that's Right, soup. How do you cook soup? (answer children). Correctly, put in the soup meat, potatoes, carrots, onions. Kate, that is put in the soup?

2. The main part.

While we were talking, Anna and helped her set the table and invites us to the table.

But in order to sit at the table, what to do? (Wash hands)

And how to wash your hands? (Not to splash, lather with soap, rinse and dry off your towel) And now the girls go to wash my hands, and the boys and Jon look – all girls are right

Girls go to wash their hands, the boys stand and watch.

Warm water

My hands clean.

The soap I'll take

And palms them RUB.

In-l comments on steps

In-l: pouring into a glass Hand soap. Washable. And wipe dry with a towel. Well done, girls! Sit down at a table, and James will see how the boys wash their hands.

Doll Jon: Boys, and can be wiped clean someone else's towel? (no) how do you find your towel? (on the picture) And you can splash? (no) Why? (children's responses)

Boys wash their hands.

In-l commented on the actions of the children, praising them.

In-l: pouring into a glass Hand soap. Washable. And wipe dry with a towel. Well done, boys! Sit down at a table.

The boys sit at the table.

Placing children at the tables, the teacher says that today invited the children for lunch, (lunch menu) wishes them Bon appetite.

In-l: Jon, so we can put on the chair that he has.

The teacher draws attention to the position of posture of children during the meal, carries out individual work to consolidate the skills of using Cutlery.

In-l: do Not forget - that we keep the spoon in your right hand and bread in left hand. At the table sit up straight, back straight, legs are too straight. And I said Jon, what did he bring you small gifts. But he will give them only to those who have all the plates are clean. Bob, do not forget that you have to keep the spoon in your right hand.

During the meal the teacher conducts individual work with children: praise children for the precision, deliberation, cultural skills (the use of the napkin after the meal). And tells what it consists of food.

3. Reflection.

In-l: well Done! Carefully eat. Van love the way you behave at the table.

The assistant teacher organizes a gradual change of course

In-l: well Done! Don't forget we after eating wipe your mouth with napkin and say "Thank you! "

Children who have finished eating, get up from the table, say "thank you". And go to strip.

In-l: well Done! For your clean dishes Jon gives coloring.

When all the children came from behind the Desk, the teacher helps children prepare for sleep.

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