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Synopsis role-playing games in the older group "Going to the theater" 2018
2016-02-13, 17:57:56


• To consolidate children's ideas about the theatre.

• Create the ability to use in the game previously acquired knowledge about the surrounding life.

• To form positive relationships and a culture of behavior in public places.

• Continue to develop the ability to expressively convey in the speech of the characters of the tale, to coordinate their actions with other "artists".

• To improve the ability to create in mind of the story's setting.

Preliminary work: discussions, view multimedia presentations on the theme: "Theater", a joint production of attributes for the game, visualizing parts of the story.

Vocabulary work: Billboard, foyer, auditorium, stage sets, stage, guard, cashier, buffet, intermission, controller.

Gaming roles: bus driver, cashier, salesman in a flower shop, a cafe worker, a supervisor, the actors, the audience.

Game material: wheel, soft modules, box office, theatre tickets, screen, plate "flowers", "cashier", flowers, toy tableware, models of products, furniture, money, bells, chairs, a screen, a puppet theater.

The game:


Guys, we Swami talked a lot about the theatre. I told you about the professions of people in the theatre. We ourselves were actors and showed the story to our parents. And today I offer you to go to the theater for a performance of "Teremok". Before we go, let's assign roles.

We've got to get to get to watch the play? (theatre tickets).

Where we can buy? (at the box office at the usher).

Who will be the usher?

If we don't have a ticket, the controller would not let us on the show.

Who will be the controller?

Who was playing in the theater on the stage? (artists). Artists we have today will be: Pauline, Arthur, Lisa, Whitney, Maxim.

As usual to thank the artists? (applause, flowers)

Where do we get flowers? (a flower shop) So we need to get the flower seller.

Guys, how can we take the free time before the show starts? (to sit in lobby, go to the theater buffet, tea, coffee, juice, eat ice cream, cake) .

That means we need a barman. Who will hold this position?

We also need an administrator, he is responsible for all the work of the theatre. So, as I have no role, I'm the administrator.

The roles and responsibilities assigned, it's time to go to the theater. Take her purse, money.

What can we get there? (Bus.)

Of soft modules children build the bus. Choose the driver, the conductor, who sells tickets to passengers, the driver announces the stop.

At the bus stop "Theater" kids get off the bus, and go to their "jobs".

In a flower shop children buy flowers and go to the theatre

Actors prepare for the play. Viewers go to the cashier and buy tickets.

Waiting for the start of the play in the snack bar where regale a spent and a delicious tea.

Children show.

After watching the performance the audience applauded the artists, shouting "Bravo! "give flowers.

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