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Attributes for a role-playing game "Mail" with their hands 2018
2016-02-14, 16:48:22

I offer simple attributes to role-playing games.


1. Small boxes (better under creams) ;

2. Wrapping paper;

3. A ball of twine;

4. Newspapers;

5. Old postcards;

6. The container for trash small;

7. Tape;

8. Envelopes with the words "who", "where".

9. Rectangular bag;

10. Woven bag with long handles for wrapping Newspapers and parcels.

1. Wrap with packing paper boxes, secured with tape. Cut from envelopes labels of "who", "where" and glue onto the boxes. Tie with string. (parcels)
2. Newspapers are divided into sheets and rolled into a tube. Edge glue tape. Tie with string.
3. In the lid of the container for trash, make a hole (size of hole depends on the size of the cards). Be printed the logo of "Mail of ...".
4. On the bag to stick the label "Post..."

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