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"The voyage" Role-playing game for children of preschool age 2018
2016-02-13, 10:40:38

Joint activities children and teacher in the secret moments on the theme "the voyage" role-playing game
(for children of preschool age)
Integration: "Knowledge", "Communication", "Physical culture," "Reading fiction".
Software maintenance:
Educational area "Socialization":
- to develop children's ability to creatively develop the plot, to combine several subjects in one content,
- to nurture the culture of behavior;
to cultivate moral feelings: friendship, mutual aid, politeness;
Educational area "Work":
- learn to work with nature;
- to educate children in respect for the work of adults;
Educational area "Cognition":
- tell about the European navigators;
- expand information on marine animals;
- to introduce the types of ships.
Educational area "Physical culture":
- to improve physical activity;
Educational area "Communication":
- to develop speech and role interaction, coherent monologue and dialogue speech.
- to increase vocabulary for children by words: scuba, Navigator, signalman, the ore carrier, a hovercraft, a radio message.
Equipment and attributes for the game: portraits of European sailors, models of ships, signal flags, costumes (the captain's hat, sailor cap, marine collars, medical gown, apron, cap, building material (benches, boxes, radionuclide, computer, anchor, helm, compass, binoculars, camera, network.
Playing role: captain, Navigator, radio operator, helmsman, sailors, passengers (business, physician, signalman, fireman, divers, guide, polar, zoo Director, harbormaster (teacher) .
Preliminary work.
1. A story with illustrations about sea transport.
Objective: to acquaint the children with the events of modern life, to talk about types of transport: passenger, cargo, military.
Vocabulary work: the hovercraft.
2. Read excerpt from poems by "cutter".
Purpose: to show that the sea life goes on: people are working, the ships carry the required load.
1. Reading "Explorers".
Purpose: to tell about polar explorers, show fearlessness famous sailors.
2. Compilation album by children on the theme "Heroism of Soviet sailors in
the years of the great Patriotic war".
1. The walk – to give children the task to build a construction from natural materials on the theme "River port".
Objective: to Consolidate the ability of children to work with nature; to learn to combine the sand with the clay for the construction of the navigable rivers, canals, sluices.
2. "the seas around the earth".
Objective: to show children that people have long been interested in the underwater world, to give you an idea of how the man could go down to the seabed.
1. Display of model ships.
Objective: to introduce the types of ships, to be considered part of the ship.
2. Lesson design – production of waste material, paper ships
Objective: learn to reflect in their structures the knowledge.
1. Reading story I. Pankin, "Where sailors took power."
Objective: to make them understand why sailors are strong and invincible, to cultivate respect for women, because they are all the best they had, gave to the children.
2. To learn a poem by "ore carrier".
Vocabulary work: the ore carrier.
To offer the kids coloring Sea animals.
Objective: to acquaint with the appearance of marine animals, their habits.
1. Manufacturing attributes: horn, binoculars, signal flags,
compass, anchor.
2. The reading of the poem "This is my book about the sea and about the lighthouse".

The approximate course of the game:
Vladimir : - Guys, I read the poem, think about it, what we will play. (extract from a poem "Who") .
I grow year
will and seventeen.
Where can I work then
what to do?.
... I b in the sailors went
let them teach me.
My hat ribbon,
on dressing up
I sailed this summer,
oceans of conquer.
In vain, the waves, jump - marine carpet aloft and on the mast clamber cat.
Give it up, the wind Blizzard,
give up, a bad storm, open pole
South, and North - probably.
V. : - Yes, today we are going to play the "Ship" or "boat trip". What we need for the game? (to build a ship; attributes) .
V. : - the Attributes we did to build a ship.
Q : - That we need to build a ship? (boards, plywood, cardboard, etc.)
Children build the ship using attributes. Finally, the ship was built and fully equipped.
Q. - what shall we call our ship? (the children offer options)
Children independently assign roles. Introduces a new role – the signalman.
Q. - Who is a signalman? Who can take on this role?
The children decided to make "journey to the North" . The ship was named "Forward" in honor of the brave Navigator.
The signalman waved his flag, the ship hits the road.
The 'North' children go ashore, meet the explorers. The guide talks about the animals. It turned out that the explorers have to go home and captain decided to take them.
The next day the children decided to go down to the bottom of the sea in search of treasure. For this pre - "made" the broken ship, used attributes: aqualungs, diving suits, treasure chest.
On the third day the children played the story – "Journey to Africa". The captain agreed with the Director of the zoo about what animals to bring.
In hot countries the sailors caught monkeys, parrots, tigers.
The teacher monitors the development of the game, using verbal techniques: reminder, tips. assignments; resolves conflicts.
The teacher in the role of the chief port.
At the end of the game together with kids, summed up. The teacher thanks everyone for a good trip.

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