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1. Intensification of use in speech vocabulary on the topics "Colors", "Animals", "Transport", "Toys".
2. The repetition and consolidation of accounts from 1 to 8.
3. The development of the ability to find rhyming words.
4. Consolidation of previously studied English rhymes "Rain, Rain, go away", "Hikkory Dikkory".
5. Familiarity with the new lexical unit is an umbrella.
6. The development of listening skills, articulation, motor skills, memory, attention.
7. Exposing children to the sights of London.

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Objectives :
to introduce children to the basic color names in English
1. Developing:
– to teach children listening skills of the teacher;
– to develop skills of perception of foreign speech audio;
– to develop and maintain interest in learning a foreign language.
2. Educational:
– creation of conditions for communication in the process ;
– to teach children the ability to be respectful to each other.
3. Practical:
– activation of the studied structures in the summary statements on the topic;
– consolidate the material studied in the small dialogues, role play
– transformation of the material studied in a real situation.
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We offer to your attention an integrated thematic planning in the younger group. Kindergarten. Planning for months. Every month painted classes.
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Objective: to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the course of the English language; forming General concepts;

to develop language skills in English;
foster interest in learning English.
-demonstrate an active vocabulary through joining in the game image;
-to form tolerant attitude to the culture of the target language.

Material and equipment:
toys: cow, cat, dog, horse, sheep, pig;
-cards with the image of the professions;
-presentation of the “Odd one out”;
-10 coloured stars;
-character: Mini mouse.

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A set of exercises.

Topic: "We are friends"

Exercises in bed

1. "We woke up" I. p: lie on back, hands behind his head.

-- raise your straight legs and arms up in front of chest.

-- to spread his legs and arms out to the side.

- to reduce leg and hands in front of chest.

-- return to starting position.

(repeat 4 times, moderate pace) ...
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The lesson:


1. Forming motivation to healthy way of life through learning in the play activities of hygienic behavior.

2. To extend the range of action of children's self, to help you to learn personal hygiene, meaningful use.

3. To develop positive emotions and friendliness, the ability to communicate with peers and adults.

Material: Trees and shrubs, soft toys (Bunny, wolf, bear, a box with different pieces of fabric, a comb, a bag with brushes (vacuum cleaner, clothes, toothbrush, leaflets with a picture of a toothbrush without bristles (number of children).

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Objective: to Acquaint the children with the main body of our body – heart. To form love and conscious attitude to the exercises and games that are useful for strengthening the heart muscle; to teach the rules of conduct under which the heart remains healthy. To educate the children a sense of kindness and compassion.
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"Bouquet of daisies" — collective crafts from natural materials
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Columbus day (Columbus Day) second Monday of October
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the programme for physical development of "Childhood" is the required minimum skills for physical education in kindergarten. For the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of life
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