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Goal: support children's independence and initiative in role-playing game
-create the ability to bathe the doll, to sequentially perform a chain of game actions;

-pin: one, two, many.


-to stimulate and support the speech activity of children during the action with the doll, to use the names of objects, action: bath, soap, washcloth, towel, lather, rinse, wipe.
- to develop cultural and hygienic skills
- to develop basic work skills
- to foster friendly relationships in the game.
- to cultivate a desire to look clean and tidy

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Software maintenance:

- Help create a game environment, the interaction between those who chose certain roles.

- To develop children's ability to play according to his own design, to stimulate creativity of children at play.

- To form friendly relationships in the game, a sense of humanism, activity, responsibility, friendliness.

To reinforce their previous knowledge about the work of a doctor, salesman, hairdresser, Builder.

Preliminary work:

Observation of Pets under natural conditions. Talks about professions, illustration, looking at paintings.

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Narrative role-playing game for young children "To the grandmother in village".
Purpose: to Involve children in the game plot, to enhance auditory perception, encourage motor imitation and intonation.
Program objectives:
*encourage children to watch the actions of the caregiver
* create the ability to define roles
*learning to act with imaginary objects
*to form the skills of cultural behavior
* to foster love for the native

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children's cafe "Teddy bear".

Goals and objectives ; - to instill a love for professions to work;

-to teach the children clearly and expressively perform role-playing


- remember the content and order of gaming action;

- to learn the norms of the relationship in the game;

-to keep the game unfolded.

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Working with parents is one of the conditions in the development of creative abilities of children of preschool age. Creative activities for parents, organization of competitions, participation in project activities, joint activities aimed at development of creative abilities of children, helps to build trust between the kindergarten and family, as well as provide opportunities for parents to participate in the educational process.

Attributes for role-playing games is easy to do with their hands. So we together will try to make a little effort to make interesting and safe attributes that children will use in their games.

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• To consolidate children's ideas about the theatre.
• Create the ability to use in the game previously acquired knowledge about the surrounding life.
• To form positive relationships and a culture of behavior in public places.
• Continue to develop the ability to expressively convey in the speech of the characters of the tale, to coordinate their actions with other "artists".
• To improve the ability to create in mind of the story's setting.

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Rules of conduct in case of fire"- preparatory group.

Objective: children are introduced to the basics of fire safety.

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Preliminary work:
1. the situation conversations about the benefits of healthy food, the etiquette of the table.
2. C/p game "Treat your doll to tea", "Cook soup", "How Jon offended guests," etc.
3. Reading of literary works on the subject of etiquette at the table

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Integration of educational areas: "Social-communicative development" (presenter, "Cognitive development", "Speech development", "Artistic and aesthetic development", "Physical development".
-To form an idea about kindness as important human quality.
-Continue to form an elementary idea of what is good and what is bad.
-To develop children's experience correct evaluation of good and bad deeds.
-To increase and enhance vocabulary of students on the basis of enrichment of representations about the nearest surroundings;
-Create the ability accurately to use glue: spread it with a brush a thin layer on the back side of the glued pieces to make side coated with adhesive to the sheet of paper and press down firmly with a napkin.

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Gaming material and attributes: Bottle with a letter and a map, elements of the costumes (the captain's hat, radio radioman, a white coat with a medical suitcase, collars of sailors, divers masks, oxygen bottles (plastic bottle, items –Vice, the treasure (a chest of chocolate coins, building material (chairs, blocks, compass, life preserver, anchor, steering wheel, flag; attributes to the game Store; a tape recorder and record "the sound of the sea".

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