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Educational area "Communication":
- to develop speech and role interaction, coherent monologue and dialogue speech.
- to increase vocabulary for children by words: scuba, Navigator, signalman, the ore carrier, a hovercraft, a radio message.
Equipment and attributes for the game: portraits of European sailors, models of ships, signal flags, costumes (the captain's hat, sailor cap, marine collars, medical gown, apron, cap, building material (benches, boxes, radionuclide, computer, anchor, helm, compass, binoculars, camera, network.

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Integration of educational areas:

educational training "Speech development": learning to listen, the ability to generate Dialogic speech, to learn to answer the questions in word and sentence consisting of 3-4 words. To intensify in the speech, the concepts associated with transport, professions, and actions of employees.

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Lessons of the game - the section where you can post or find an interesting variation of role-playing games. Plans and notes of classes with the content of the narrative role-playing game, will help teachers think creatively to build an educational-training process.
Role – playing game helps to develop reserve's actions with toys, gives an idea of the many stories that can be beat, shapes the ability to play individually and with team, develops creative and communication skills.

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Goal: create the ability to observe the birds, their habits; to educate children in a gentle and caring towards them. Continue to form the passive and active dictionary of children on the topic "Birds".

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Objectives: to summarize the knowledge of wintering and migratory birds; to nurture kind and caring attitude toward nature.

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Purpose: to bring joy, to create a "Sunny mood".
Objectives: to develop imagination, the desire and ability to participate in the fun; to teach discipline, to perform all commands; to foster good relations to each other and to others.
Equipment: an envelope with a note, gymnastic Wellness track, music, card sun.

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1 to Generalize and systematize children's ideas about insects, and specifically about the ants;
2 Exercised in the discernment and naming of the insect by bright signs (size, color, uniqueness of individual body parts) ;
3 to Clarify the ideas about insect houses;
4 to Develop the emotional of speech, intelligence, imagination in the process guess riddles and solving creative problems.
5 to Develop thinking, memory.
6 Nurture in children the desire to care for nature.

Material for the lesson: figures of ant and other insects;

  • mark ant.

    Methods and techniques: visual, verbal, practical explanation, demonstration,

    storytelling, games and gaming exercises.
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Objective: to systematize ideas about the diversity of insects; learn the importance of insects to humans.

People call the bees "the toilers". From ancient times, the bee became useful insects. Bees have big eyes, which she distinguishes perfectly the coloring of the flowers.
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Purpose: to Examine appearance to determine what butterflies eat.

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Objective:to acquaint children with the names of several flowers (Aster, marigold, teach children to admire them, to introduce the concept of high, low.

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