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Perspective plan of work of club etiquette

1. Etiquette — rules of conduct of people.
2. Speech etiquette.
3. Etiquette of the phone conversation.
4. Art to please people. Culture appearance.
5. Etiquette and my house.
6. Etiquette in public places.
7. Guest & gift etiquette.
8. Dining etiquette.
9. Family etiquette.
10. Etiquette of interpersonal relations.
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The aim: to form the ability to subordinate their behavior to the rules.

Tasks: educational: learning in extensive form to answer the questions; developmental: to develop communicative skills and competences necessary for communication; to develop self-regulation (the ability to listen to the instruction of the adult, to follow the rules of the game) ; educational: to develop the skills of cultural communication; corrective: to expand vocabulary, to correct negative emotional state.

Materials: magnetic Board, magnets, tambourine, toy Pinocchio, the five keys, the five images with fairy tale characters (Pierrot, Karabas-Barabas, Malvina, Geppetto, Pinocchio, five pictures with the rules, the casket, the book with the rules, emoticons.

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Program material: cartoon "Bag of apples".

Teacher (V.) -Guys, look what my beautiful caddy. You want to know what's in it? In this box, live good words and good deeds. Let's open and see what's inside. (The kids open the box.)

Lessons Plans for kindergarten | Views: 953 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-06-12

Objective: to Consolidate knowledge of the rules of conduct.


1. Learning to Express their opinions, ask questions, answer questions, argue the answer is clear to the interlocutors, to improve the speech of children as a means of communication. To introduce the options of greetings, to form skills of politeness, courtesy. To consolidate children's ideas about behavior in a situation when you have guests.

2. To develop communication skills; the ability to reason.

3. To foster a culture of communication: the ability to happily converse with each other, politely, to turn; a desire to make others pleasant, and to receive from it pleasure and satisfaction. Vocabulary work: friendly, warm, hospitable, friendly.

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Talk with the parents "Etiquette in our lives"

Culture includes "the set of developed and proven ways of organizing everyday life and communication of people and is an integral part of General human culture".
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The problem of the origin of the project: children come to kindergarten directly from the family, so the teacher met with the children, introduces them to each other; with the premises of the group and their purpose; with the objects in the group. You should draw children's attention to the fact that this group is made so that the children were at ease and comfortable.

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The lesson with the older children "don'ts"

Guys answer:
- We read about the word
- Why is it called magical? In some cases, pronounce it? – asks the teacher and offers to tell how the children turn to for help to adults, parents, teacher, the nurse, the Manager, each other.

Lessons Plans for kindergarten | Views: 1014 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-06-11

Conversation "Rules of etiquette"

Etiquette is a magic rule that will help you be well-mannered, polite and friendly person. Knowing these rules, you will be able to more easily communicate with their friends, parents, relatives and absolutely strangers to you people. Easily learn how to properly greet, give gifts, and take them as walk-in guests, talking on the phone and more...

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Objectives: to Train the children in walking and running in pairs; in the coordination of movements at performance of exercises with hoops. To improve crawling on all fours in the "tunnel"; walk the cord and crawl lying on the bench, pulling on his hands. To teach correctly, to climb a gymnastic ladder up and down. To nurture in children a sense of empathy and collectivism.

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Educational area "Physical culture"

Integration of educational areas "Cognition", "Communication", "literature", "Health"

Program objectives:

1. To continue to improve motor skills of children:

2. To consolidate children's knowledge about nature;

3. To cultivate independence, creativity, interest in physical education.

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