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Equipment: the Scenery of a winter forest, three Christmas trees, two trees, eight-sided dice, the layout of the den, pictures and footprints of animals and birds.

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- strengthen the foot muscles; is to provide training correct nasal breathing.
- to develop the skills of hopping on one foot, to achieve a strong repulsion; throwing in a moving target lightweight items in the game "Snowballs"; tossing and catching a lightweight items with the bangs and without;

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1. To attract parents to the sports forms of family entertainment;
2. To organize an active joint activity of children and parents;
3. To teach parents the outdoor games children in free time;
4. To develop physical qualities: speed, agility, endurance;
5. To attach to a healthy lifestyle;
6. To create in children and adults joyful, cheerful mood.

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Work involves the application of different techniques to improve the motor activity of children during physical education classes:
1. The use of different ways of organizing the children (frontal, production, group training, individual) .
2. Available, a brief explanation of the tasks and the proper screening exercise.
3. The activation of cognitive activity of the child.
4. Situations created for the manifestation of qualities (determination, courage, resourcefulness, endurance) .
5. Variability of outdoor games.
6. The correct, rational use of physical exercise equipmen

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Physical - cognitive activity on the topic "Our body". Senior age.
Equipment: Poster with the image of the human skeleton, the poster sequence of movements, the sandbags on the number of children, 2 Hoop.
Objectives: 1) Educational: to continue to acquaint children with the function of the skeletal and muscular system in the human body with the aim of forming a view about the importance of physical culture to strengthen the body. To continue training in performing on the basis of already accumulated experience of the children. 2) Educational: the development of positive moral qualities of a child: companionship, mutual assistance, self-sufficiency. Education psycho-physical qualities: agility, quickness, strength. 3) Wellness: Strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system. 4) Developing: to Develop locomotor activity.

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   "Forest trip"
Software maintenance: continue to teach children to walk and run, making available the coordinated movement of the hands and feet, not shuffling, not omitting the head. To fix ability to run in the loose between objects without stepping on them. When performing General developmental exercises to teach children how to take the original position, perform movements consistent, high quality. To exercise them under the rope right and left side, without touching hands to the floor. Jumping in the length to fix the guys have the skills to land softly, descend on our toes, "elastic" bending feet. Learning to walk the length of the bridge, keeping the balance.
To raise the courage, the agility, the ability to follow the rules of the game to Enrich children's vocabulary.
Dictionary: Brooks talkative, quick;river forest, turbulent;the squirrel, quick, nimble, red-haired;the brave hares, long-eared;the snowdrops.
Equipment:slide projector, slides of wild animals, recordings, gymnastic bridges, flowers for each child.

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“I'm not afraid again and again to repeat: health care is the most important work of an educator. From cheerfulness, vivacity of children depends on their spiritual life, worldview, mental development, strength, knowledge, faith in their power.”

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Develop motor activity of senior preschool age children through the implementation of all educational areas and areas of
Objectives of the educational areas
Physical culture
• To consolidate the ability to crawl under obstacles of different heights
• Exercise in jumping through the obstacles
• To maintain balance while walking on a gymnastic bench with obstacles
• To develop physical qualities: agility, speed.

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Session objectives: to Consolidate the complex of exercises with the ball; improve your skills jumping on two legs; to develop fine motor skills, to foster a desire to engage in physical activity.

Equipment: a set of balls (one for each child, a ball of large diameter.

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Synopsis of sports and sports entertainment, "Dad, mom, I — sporting family"

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