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A journey to the forest clearing. Meeting with the dandelion 2018
2016-02-11, 10:16:35


1. Shaping basic ecological concepts of nature : a dandelion as

- a living creature, as a unity of body and environment.

2. To lead the children to understand that in nature seeds spread in various ways, for example, carried by wind.

3. To raise humanely-active attitude towards nature, expressed in a careful and caring attitude towards all living beings.

4. Teach children to make a composition from dandelions, to stimulate mental activity and to combine several kinds of cultural events activities (painting, applique) .

5. To teach children to be, to love and care for the plants, the air, the ground, thriftily, and then carefully dispose of her wealth.


Introducing children to the game-the journey (the creation of motivational situations, demonstration, explanation, story, teacher, questions, encouragement, the transmission of surprises, collective action, game moments, artistic expression, musical pause, appeal, request, speaking, comparing, puzzles, proof, the game, building on experience and knowledge of children, self-esteem.

MATERIAL. Recording, an imitation of the brook, set for constructive modeling activity, "the magic basket", illustration on the theme of "Winter" and "Spring", flowers (Tulip, Narcissus, a dandelion in a pot) watering can, a bird — a Starling, the envelope with the game "Collect a dandelion from parts", the puzzles, the rules of "How to behave in the forest", the equipment for paint application.

PREVIOUS WORK. Surveillance, target walks in nature, talk about spring, about the birds, work in the natural area to care for plants, playing a didactic exercise individually and the front, learning of verses, lessons on the theme "Flowers".

TRAINING OF CAREGIVER. Reading about primroses, about the dandelion.


Children enter the group with music, they are greeted by the Spring (the teacher in costume) .

– Hello, children. I — Spring is red, came to visit you and would like to invite you for a walk on a spring meadow. But we must overcome some obstacles (stream of paper, plank for bridge) .

– Let's see what is in front of us? And how are we going to get through it? Think of the bridge? (Children are offered the boards and bricks of different length, they design the bridge and cross to the other side) .

– We are now in a forest glade. Guys, I want to hear what you know about spring and other seasons? And will help you in this puzzles-pictures that I brought in the magical basket.

– What time of year is depicted here? Prove that it is spring. What are the signs of spring.

– Ah-Yes, guys. Managed to guess my riddles. Now think and remember poems about spring. I'd like to hear them.

– We spring steps quick steps

And the snow melt under her feet.

Black pools in the fields are visible.

Seems, very warm feet of spring!

– Children, if you will answer my questions correctly, from my magic basket will appear the first spring of joy (flowers, which you will be able to please his mother. Than red spring? (the air is clean, warm, green) .

– What else makes us happy spring? (flowers). Now we will see what are the flowers (removed from the baskets of flowers and the meadow form) .

– Here we were in the flower meadow. What it turned out? What can we say about it? (beautiful, elegant. Spring) .

Now look closely and tell me, what early flower didn't grow in our meadow? (dandelion) .

– Of course, dandelion. Look, I brought it with me. Why do they call it? (from blow flies). What is it like? What color is it? Julia, tell us a poem about a dandelion.

– Dropped the sun ray of gold,

Rose dandelion — first, young,

It's got a wonderful, Golden color:

He's a big sun small portrait!

– Let's smell the flower. What are you feeling? What smell?. Where the dandelions grow?

– Dandelions are growing everywhere, turning yellow in the grass and impress you with their smell and beauty of both children and adults. And now I'll tell you a story about the dandelion:

"In the life of a dandelion a few pages. The first is called Green, this is when the plant does not have time to bloom, then Yellow, this is when the dandelion blooms, and the latter White, when it fades, the dandelion. "

– Children, what's the name of the part of the plant that is in the earth? (the root) .

– What is needed for plant growth? (light, heat, air, water) .

– What happens if you don't care for plants?

– Anya watering a dandelion and says:

I been busy,

Dandelion I water.

He will blossom so beautifully

All the joy and wonder.

– Children and who waters the plants in the meadow, in the woods? (rain, dew) .

Well, I and told about the life of a dandelion. Now sit down and relax.

– I very much like, guys, listen to the music in the forest:

And grasshopper, and the woodpecker, and the bee, and dragonfly

Trills of birds, the whispering leaves. Listen to the forest you want? (Sound recording "Sounds of forest", "birds Singing") .

How lovely the birds are our friends, they come together with spring.

– That winter, the end came Starling and loudly sings:

Spring came clear, red, see how it all melts!

(Pay attention to the Starling sitting on a branch) .

– This is our favorite Starling. He's not only the song came, he brought with him an envelope. He took him away from the magpies. She pulled pranks and messed up: was skvorushka a dandelion, but now there were only parts

The game is "find the dandelion".

– Children listen to a story. Exercise "tell word".

Sowed a dandelion. (the wind) .

Mama was the wind ... (storm and dad ... (the hurricane) .

Rose from a dandelion. (seed) .

Warmed ... (the sun) .

Watered ... (rain) .

The seed sprouted and grew ... (leaves, stem and flower) .

– About the dandelion many of the poems written:

Is dandelion yellow sarafan.

Grow up — dress up in white dress -

With an easy, ethereal, obedient to the breeze.

- As time passed and the dandelions turned into white balls (replace with panels yellow ball on white)

– Here and opened a white page. The dandelion has become a fragile, gentle, but not for long, he was white. Blew the wind blew carelessly on the dandelion, and ... dandelion flew out. And flew fruitlets-little parachutes.

Game – breathing exercise "poduim on a dandelion"

– Became a dandelion without particles, scattered seeds across the clearing. Children find the "head" of a dandelion without particles and attach it on the panel.

Game "Dandelions and seeds". Rules: give the children the circles (one side white, the other yellow). Little parachutes children move around the group, circling. Spring blows upon them: and fly, fly little parachutes, far, far away. (Music) .Children-the seeds flew and landed next to the dandelion, put the mug with the yellow side facing up. Grew new young, small, cheerful little yellow brothers and sisters of a dandelion.

– Children, from which grew up a dandelion? Who sowed it? (the wind) .

– The dandelion is not just a beautiful flower, it can be attributed to vegetable plants: leaf, make a salad, the root is ground and used instead of coffee. And dandelion is a medicinal herb, an infusion of dandelion is used for burns, diseases of the liver. Therefore, this plant should be protected. Let's remember how we need to protect the plants.

Children tell about it at home. Here in my basket of puzzles-the rules you should know and never break the (get pictures, view them) :

1. no one else in the forest, on the meadow flowers. Let the beautiful plants remain in the wild.

2. do not break, do not cut tree branches.

3. don't shout in the forest, don't scare birds and animals.

4. don't turn on music in the woods — you need to enjoy the sounds of nature.

Children, and our dandelion whispers something he wants. So next there were a lot of dandelions. Glade we have, here we only need to revive (near the "glades" the created environment for EVERY). Who wants to help the dandelion? Choose your occupation of interest. (Children do the work, after you clean everything on place) .

– Oh, what turned out elegant glade, glade, I see you know how to draw, cut and glue. (Analysis) .

– Result. I want to give you a memory of the spring — these coloring books: from them you will learn more about other colors (summer, autumn). And you can walk on a spring meadow over. I am very happy. And did you like it? In parting, I want to sing with you the spring dance "spring".

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