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A mini-Museum hours 2018
2016-03-18, 20:37:21

    In our group there is a clock Museum, which is located in the locker room. At first there were hours from home, which is no longer worn or out of order, then of the house of the parents and friends who learned of our collection, just gave them to us. Children are very interested in the idea of creating the Museum and they, with the permission of parents, brought home and preserved in the families of the old clock. The basic idea of our mini – Museum is to show how different kinds of clocks, to introduce children to the history and occurrence. In a conventional Museum the child is only a spectator, but here the co-author. Not only himself, but his mom and dad, grandma and grandpa. Where else can you see so many hours together: wall, table, wrist men, women and children, pocket, various alarms, sand, water and many others. In these museums to touch anything, but in ours, it is possible to take in hand, to change and rearrange the exhibits. Use artifacts in the classroom when children learn to navigate in time. As a mini – Museum is in the waiting room, his parents attend every day, coming to kindergarten for children. They rarely stop considering the exhibits and albums, which contains Proverbs, poems, riddles, tales about the hours and time and perhaps remember something.

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