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A plan with children preparation for school speech therapy group Theme: "Magic of electricity 2018
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Theme: "Magic of electricity"
Integration of educational areas:
"Artistic and aesthetic development", "Physical development", "Cognitive development", "Social-communicative development", "Speech development".
Generalization and extension of knowledge about electricity and ideas about where to "live" electricity and how it helps people.

Two toys
: one with battery and one without battery (drive) ; plastic sticks on the number of children; the pieces of wool fabric, silk; didactic game "find the object"; "rules for the use of electrical appliances"; Cinderella doll; colorful balls; plastic comb; butterfly cut out table napkins, chicken feathers, Styrofoam chips on the tray, the card-scheme, Hoop.
Preliminary work:
1. Talk about electricity, looking at pictures depicting electrical appliances.

2. A compilation of short stories on the theme:"Our home helpers"
3. Draw "Appliances are our helpers"
4. Role-playing games: "the appliance Store", "Kindergarten", etc.
5. Excursion to the hardware store.

6. Reading stories about the past of objects.
Methods and techniques:
Visual: Looking at cards with images of appliances; making the area safe in the group; the display of images; music, material for experiments.
Verbal: Question, story, poem, physical pause, riddle, song. Practical: Simulation of the movements, actions during the experiments. Play on the travel situation. The joint activity of teacher with children.
The schedule of the classes:
1. Introductory part: Organizational moment: the formulation of the problem.
2. Main part: Discussion about electricity, teaching the game, conversation in the area of security, finger gymnastics, gymnastic pause.
3. The final part: Relaxation time, the summing up, dance to a recording of the song "Good beetle".
The script classes:
Part 1
(The children sit in a semicircle on chairs in the Palace)
The teacher reads the poem, in the hands of Cinderella doll:
"About poor Cinderella's fairy tale reading
But how to help her, unfortunately, I don't know.
Not to make the girl with a heavy work
And at the ball to be hunting.
No one will appreciate the poor effort!
She lacks a washing machine.
Cinderella has to clean the house,
But where a cleaner to help her?
How hard plates huge pile
Without a car wash that washes the dishes.
And we have to prepare lunch:
What a pity that appliance in the house.
Sat the poor girl is just not enough.
Now TV to watch!
However, the forces did not spare,
Just relying on the good Fairy."
- Children, help Cinderella?
But I will tell you how it can be done.
Electrical devices surround us everywhere. They, like good magicians, help us everywhere. Without them man would be difficult. Guys, do you have any appliances? Name them.
The children's responses.
- And what is invisible is sitting in the socket and makes home machines to work? Listen to my riddle: "It all brings warmth and light!
It generous no:
To towns, villages, cities
He comes through the wires! "
(Children's responses) .
- Correctly. An electric current runs through the wires and makes electrical devices work. Electric current is something like a river, only the river water flows, while flow through the wires small tiny particles called electrons. And read more about electricity you will learn the lessons of physics, when you go to school.
Part 2
Children, and you want that Cinderella got to the ball? (Answers of children.)
- Now each of you will make Cinderella a gift and what you will learn, gathering a picture. It is necessary to collect carefully the device working properly.
Educational game "Collect a picture".
(Children put the appliances from split images on the Palace).
Teacher: - Look, Cinderella, what our guys are good, responsive, diligent. They are always ready to help in trouble. Now, Cinderella, the children tell you what each appliance.
- What is this device?
- That mom keeps in the refrigerator?
- What kind of transmission you have a favorite?
(Children's responses) .
- Now you, Cinderella, there are many devices, but they need to properly use it! Our children know these rules and will teach you.
Electricity which are electrical appliances dangerous to humans? (Yes). Come to our "Area security" and you'll prove it. Children stand in a semicircle near the easel) .
Teacher: Choose a card-scheme, tell us about what they mean.
What is the meaning of this card?
Appendix №1 (without adults it is Impossible to use electrical appliances) .
What prevents this scheme?
Annex 2 (do Not wet hands touch the power tools) .
What does this card?
Appendix №3 (do Not insert into the socket fingers and objects) .
- What pictures say? (Careless handling of electricity) .
Conclusion: we Must always be careful with electricity. It's dangerous! If mistreated our helpers can turn into enemies. You should always keep this in mind and to observe the terms of use with electrical appliances! Teacher: You know the poem about Jack. Now we will talk and play. (Finger gymnastics) .
Cloves and fingers -
To do not plug.
Electricity is dangerous -
That everyone should know!
Teacher: Cinderella, now that you know all about the electrical appliances that will help you to do the homework and go to the ball.
Cinderella-doll leaves.
Now it's time to play us, the kids.
Game "the Current runs through the wires".
The game:
(Children, intercepting the right and left hand knots on the rope, say) :
The current runs through the wires,
The light carries us into the apartment.
That worked devices,
Fridge, monitors.
Grinder, vacuum cleaner,
Current energy brought.

(After the game the children stand around the teacher) .
- We talked about the dangerous electricity that lives in a socket and wires. And then there's the electricity harmless, quiet, unobtrusive. It lives everywhere, in and of itself, and if it catch, then it can be very interesting to play. I invite you into the country "Magical items", where we learn how to catch electricity. - What would you like to go on this trip? (e.g. the rocket). This is our rocket (on the floor of a large Hoop). We all together need to fit in it. Who was the first to enter the rocket, he invites the next (child invites: "Dominic, I would be glad to see you on the rocket," etc.) . Teacher: - You will take me with him? Invite me. Let's hug and fly (music). Here we are a magical land.
- Children, let's clarify once again what is electricity, people feel threat? (What flows through the wires). I have a game with pictures, shall we?
Experience the # 1 Teacher: - Go to the first table and each take a picture. With the help of pictures get yourself a pair at the second table. Now place your card on the easel and explain your choices.
Conclusion: - Well Done! I agree with you. Yes, appliances are our helpers, without them the person would be difficult.
Teacher: Children, look, I got my hands on a toy phone. I push the buttons, and he is silent. What happened? (Children's responses) Indeed, it has no batteries. I shall now put the battery – positive to positive, negative to negative. The phone earned. Why? What power is hidden in the batteries? (Children's responses)
- When we put the battery through toy went electric current, and it work. - We'll see – I have the book, if opened, the voices of the wild forest. (Children listen). Conclusion:
- In the battery lives of non-hazardous electricity. With toys on batteries is a very fun and interesting to play.
- What do you have toys with batteries? (Children's responses) .
Experience No. 2
- On the wall hangs a ball on the floor and colored balls. The teacher offers to hang them on the wall. (Children try to hang them on the wall, they do not work.) .
- Why the ball is hanging, and your fall? (Assumptions children) .
Let us and your balls will turn into magic. I'll show you how it should be done. Need a balloon rubbed on your hair and attach to the wall the side that rubbed. That and your balls hanging, steel magic. This happened due to the fact that our hair lives on electricity, and we caught him, when the steel ball to RUB on your hair. It was electric, so was attracted to the wall.
- When you can still see the electricity in hair? (when combed) .
What happens then with the hair? (they electrified, become unruly, sticking out in different directions).
– What should be done to the hair is not electrified? (Wet brush) .
Conclusion: In the hair also lives electricity.
Experience No. 3
- And now we will try other items to make magic.
Take the tray with plastic sticks and touch paper butterflies. What do you see? (lying quietly) .
Now we will do the usual magic wand, an electric, and they will attract to yourself. Take a piece of woolen scarf and RUB them with a plastic wand. Slowly bring the wand to the butterfly and slowly lift it up. Butterflies will also rise. Why? Steel electric wand and butterflies stuck to it, attracted. As sticks have become electric? They rubbed a piece of scarf.
Conclusion: Electricity lives not only in hair but also in clothing.
Well done, you are again caught electricity!
Experience No. 4
1. With crumbs of Styrofoam and plastic sticks.
2. With feathers and a plastic ruler, MITT.
Conclusion: Crumbs and feathers have also become magical, electrified.
Experience # 5 the Teacher: - I want to be a magician, will show you an interesting trick. (The children sit around the table). - What lies under the glass? (colored balls)
- How to make balls move, jump? (to Polish the glass, make it electric). - What is more convenient to RUB (clothes)
- I have a regular mitten, now I'm going to do a magic glass, electric. - What happens to the balls? (they moved, jumped).
- Why did they move?
As the glass was magic?
Conclusion: When used to RUB the glass with a glove, it was electric, so the balls moved and attracted to the glass. Did you like my trick? Here's how you fun to play with this kind of electricity.

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