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A session on psycho-correction "on a visit to the three bears" 2018
2016-03-06, 15:38:43

The purpose of the Development of communication skills, expressive movements. Building skills to discern the States of tension and relaxation.
Material: Baskets, pictographs representing different emotional States. For the Bruins, cups, chairs and spoons. Pictures of vegetables, salt, meat. Music for relaxation. Toys bears.

Teacher: Now we will go to the forest to collect mushrooms and berries
Look, what a beautiful mushroom: the cap is brown and white leg. How many berries around, and strawberries, and blueberries... how fun as well in the woods! Show what your mood!  (children find the right icon).
- Oh, the sun has hidden, it was dark... where to go? Scared? Locate the desired icon. So whose is this house?
Enter the little house? Look at the table with three bowls and three spoons (large, smaller and very small.) and here's the three chairs of different sizes. Who lives here? (children's responses). To the owners do not get mad at us for what we walked into their house without invitation, prepare them lunch. (children form a circle – this casserole. Teacher distributes pictures: vegetables, salt, meat. Calls that he wants to put in the soup. the child who has the corresponding picture jump in the circle next jump into the circle, grabs the first one. And so until then while all the components of the soup is in the pot) .
Teacher: While we were preparing the soup, our hands are tired, need to rest. (Children sit on chairs, put his hands on his knees, still clutching fists) here is how the hands are strained. So long sit is not easy. My hands are tired. Let's relax them and adopt a comfortable position. Listen to me and follow my lead.
- safely! Take a breath (hands on knees, fists clenched)
- straining of the hand, presses the fingers to each other.
- more compressible fingers, bringing the arms, release your fingers.

Teacher: and here come the Bruins. (Enter toy bears. Asking where they were. I suggest to try the soup. Naughty bear: "don't want soup, I want jam! "
- well behaved bear? (conversation about the proper behavior at the table) .
After lunch, the Bruins want to play.
The game is "Hand in hand"
The children are divided into pairs, join hands and walk under quiet music for the group.
Teacher: it's Time in kindergarten! And the bears are in the memory will give the figures (the Kids make handprints in paint on a large sheet of paper.)

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