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A summary of directly carrying out educational activities Walking excursion "Raining leaves" 2018
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Priority : socio – communicative development.
Age group: 4-5 years old (middle group) .
Time: September.
The theme of the week based of calendar – thematic planning DOE: "Journey in the autumn forest" the Purpose of the NOD: a refinement and synthesis of the views of pupils about the characteristic features of autumn.
Integration of educational areas: language development, cognitive development, aesthetic development, physical development.

- to forming in children a sense of cohesion, unity, positive emotional spirit in a group of children;
- to teach children the collective games, the rules of good relationships
- teach children to distinguish the individual parts and the characteristics of the object (color, shape and size, the ability to compare and group;
- encourage attempts of children to examine the objects, using familiar and new ways;
-to foster a love of wildlife and nature.
- to replenish and reinforce the vocabulary of the children;
-learn to Express their point of view, to listen to their peers and keep the conversation going
-to acquaint with the works of folk art (poems, riddles, dances) .
-to promote the preservation and strengthening of physical and mental health of children in the process of using physical exercises and outdoor games;
Materials: chestnuts, acorns, leaves of various species of trees, baskets.
The logic of educational activity
The stages and timing of the Activities of teacher Activities of students
The engagement process-
1 min walk To attract the attention of children.
Q. Guys, I will now propose a riddle - poem:
I bear crops,
Fields of newly seeded,
Birds of South send,
Trees stripped.
But do not touch the pines
And fir trees. I (Fall)
V. Well Done! Now what time of year (children's Responses)
guess a riddle.
The process of goal setting-
V. 2 min Guys, guess another mystery.
For the valley at large
He stands naked in the winter
Summer begins
In the green dress (Forest)
Questions to the children of reproductive nature:
What is a forest?
It grows in the woods?
-What trees become in the fall? (Children's responses)
V. the Guys who are attentive! How many of you noticed, I today went for a walk? /2 baskets/. (Children's responses) .
Think about why people take baskets in the autumn woods? (Children's responses) .
Yes, folks, autumn is a generous time. Guess the riddle and answer questions.
The process of design and planning
1 min Today we will go on a journey along the paths where the fall has left its traces. Take a basket to collect them in the autumn.
The implementation of the activities
14 min

V. Guys, tell me the signs of autumn that takes place in autumn (children's Responses) .
Q. Guys, let's play in interesting game. I'll ask the questions, and you answer "Yes" or no".
In the autumn rains?
The mushrooms grow in autumn?
Clouds close the sun?
Animals mink warm?
The harvest is all collected?
Flocks of birds fly away?
The sun shines very hot?
To sunbathe?
Well, what do I need to do:
Jackets, hats to wear?
Go through the kindergarten. Stop at the area with pine trees.
V. Winter and summer green,
She lives in the forest
And on her needles
Short and chopping. (Spruce) .
I have a longer needle,
Than at the Christmas tree.
Very directly I grow
Tall (Pine) .
V. Pine and spruce - conifers. Their leaves — needles. They do not fall all at once, as the leaves of deciduous trees. The needles of pine and spruce trees change gradually, over several years, so they are green all year round. Take needles of spruce and pine and find the differences between them. They are located? What is their length? (The answers.)
The air in pine forests dry, light, and healing. There are a lot of oxygen. Breathe in this air.
V. Children, you notice that the tracks, grass and leaves wet? Why? (Children's responses) .
V. Correctly, in the autumn it rains frequently. They're not as warm as in summer. Sometimes rain can be a drizzle all day. Let's play a new game called "Rain"
Round dance game – tag "Rain".
The rain through the puddles loudly rides (children move in a circle by jumps, hands on his belt.)
The whole day today crying, (in the center of the circle stands a child "rain.")
Tipped flowers and herbs, (facing into the circle, perform a forward bend)
Become full of ditches, wet it all in a row. (raise your hands, reach up. run in a circle. the word "guys" run.
Well, the rain, let it drip guys. ("the rain" tries to spot as many children as possible. on the veranda of staining it.)
Go through the kindergarten. Focus on the plot with deciduous trees.
Q. What month is it now autumn? We now see what happened to the trees in September.
Q. Guys, look around and tell me, what trees did you know?
(Birch, oak, Rowan, chestnut)
V. Guys let's play
Round game, "let's Go the birch tree"
We around the birch fun come on,
Different leaves together will select
Immediately up raise will spin slightly,
And then flip right into the clouds.
V. Look at the leaves in your hands that you can you say about them (the children)
V. And now we come to another tree, and to which, if you know orgadam still a mystery
So here's the acorn! As the skein.
And in the skein. (oak tree) .
V. Approach the tree about which I will tell you a riddle.
Autumn in the forest came to us,
Red torch lit.
Here blackbirds, starlings scurry
And, pecking her. (Ash.)
V. And now to the next tree.
We ran around the track.
Us the chestnut came under legs.
We began to kick.
One, two, three, four, five. (Chestnut)
Children are considered the trees their leaves and fruits.
V. Let's compare the leaves of birch and oak, ash and chestnut.
V. in the Autumn wind tore off tree leaves and then true leaves. Guys, take a leaf what you like best. Let's play a game of "Find same". It should be in the team and has a leaf like yours.
V. And now let's play a game "Find a tree by leaf".
Try to leaf to identify the tree and approach him.
Q. you Guys have not forgotten that we went on a trip with baskets to collect gifts of autumn? What can we put in the basket in this meadow? What these gifts we can make use of? (Children's responses) .
Well done. Chestnuts are useful to us for games and crafts, autumn leaves decorate our booth at reception, from mountain ash will make beautiful beads for jewelry group.
Go in the opposite way.
Guess riddles.
Play the game
Answer the questions
Guess riddles.
Compare the leaves of the conifers pine and spruce.
Children perform breathing exercises.
Play the game
Play the game
Guess a riddle
Compare the leaves by color, shape, size
Play   team play.
On a signal children find trees from which the leaves fell
Collect the chestnuts, ash and leaves in baskets.
The process of reflection
2 min
At its gaming site.
V. so ended our journey. Where were you? What did you see? What I learned new?
Do you like autumn? What? (Children's responses)
Expected results Children will fix the signs of autumn; learn to notice changes in nature, to recognize and name 6 types of trees, to distinguish their leaves in appearance, shape and size; expand vocabulary (drizzle, generous gifts) .

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