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A summary of the classes o on valeology "Track of health" 2018
2016-05-04, 00:26:31

The progress of the class
Children come to the group, greet guests.
Teacher: guys, I suggest you to go today in a very interesting journey!
How fun, how fun to go with friends.
In the mysterious journey will go together with you!
Ready? Go (the music, going on the train) from Chamomile.
1 stop. "Flower meadow"
Teacher: guys, what is in our way? (Flower fields) .
Let's see what grows on it? (flowers) .
And the flowers are unusual, they are with different petals. Go to the flower petal and win some who like it. And I tell you a secret! Each color of the petal corresponds to the mood. What is the mood? The mood is bad in a person, then it is what?
Children: if a person has a headache. He may be in a bad mood. But if he's healthy or he's fine - he's in a good mood.
Going further on the train from Сhamomile.
The second stop: the game "hygiene Items"
Teacher: guys, look at the pictures and tell me what you need to do:
- when to care for your nose?
- what do you need nails?
- what you need shoes?
What you need hair?
Kids answer questions and show.
Children: review the card and answer the questions.
Well done guys, you have done the job. Let's go further.

Рhysical a minute:"Health - orange"
And in order to be healthy, vigorous, energetic, what we do every morning? (charging).
Every day in the morning, do exercises,
Yellow, round, where are you from?
straight from the Sunny South.
The sun is similar.
You can eat me, but only
First, divide into slices.
How do you call me? (orange)
Teacher: Well Done! You cheered. Go further on the train.
3 stop. "Unusual tree"
On the tree hang the soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, comb.
Teacher: Guys, what is it? (wood)
And that it is growing?
You have seen such trees?
Indeed, this is a very unusual tree.
And why the need for all of these items (for personal hygiene)
Teacher: why do we need soap?
Children: to wash their hands.
Teacher: what is comb?
Children: to comb
Teacher: what do you think, guys, how many times a day should one brush teeth?
Children: twice a day – morning and evening.
Teacher: well done, keep going on the train at the next stop, we'll see what you need to eat, so that the teeth do not hurt.
4 stop: the Children sit on the Mat, and see before you the fruits and vegetables.
Teacher: guys, what grows on the ground? (vegetables and what grows on trees
(fruit). Here are some vegetables and fruits, name them?
Teacher: guys, now we are going to play the game. Didactic game "I am Healthy"
The guys sit at the tables and perform the task on the cards. Kids connect the marker for baskets vegetables, fruits.
Teacher: Guys, our trip has come to an end. It is time for us to go to the group. Going on the train.
Do you like it? And what is the mood striking you now? I wish you that you be healthy, happy, beautiful. To our guests we wish:
Not to hurt, not to grow old,
Grow younger.
Let the warmth of the sun pleases You,
Will take away all your hardships and sorrows.
Say goodbye to our guests.

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