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"About a handkerchief, a comb and a toothbrush" 2018
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The lesson:

1. Forming motivation to healthy way of life through learning in the play activities of hygienic behavior.
2. To extend the range of action of children's self, to help you to learn personal hygiene, meaningful use.
3. To develop positive emotions and friendliness, the ability to communicate with peers and adults.

Material: Trees and shrubs, soft toys (Bunny, wolf, bear, a box with different pieces of fabric, a comb, a bag with brushes (vacuum cleaner, clothes, toothbrush, leaflets with a picture of a toothbrush without bristles (number of children).

The lesson:

Teacher: - Here we have guests!

- We smile

Joyfully greeting.

Look - not silent,

"Hello" say.

Children greet guests.

Teacher: – guys, Today we will go to walk into the clearing. Maybe you'll meet some of the animals (suitable for Bush).

(Look behind the Bush).

Someone hid behind a Bush. Yes this is hare! He's afraid of. Let's call

Oh, honey, come on, come on (children choir name is hare).

Bunny greets children and sneezes loudly AP – Chi! AP – Chi!"

Teacher: God bless you, Sweetheart! (hare sneezes again).

Guys, I forgot to make Honey when I sneeze?

Children speak out.

Teacher: Right, guys, he forgot to close the spout with a tissue when sneezing.

hare wondered why the nose should be closed with a handkerchief? Tell him. Children speak o

Teacher: – Sure, our guys know that the spout is closed with a handkerchief that the spittle did not fall on others and not infect others.

Stoke your handkerchiefs. What are they? (smooth).

Now blow on them. Let's see what they light.

RUB with a handkerchief cheeks. What handkerchief, prickly or soft? (paperback). Nice or not to wipe his nose with that handkerchief? (nice).

You see, hare, kids were delighted to wipe the spout is so soft smooth, lightweight scarf.

Bunny sneezes again and closed foot.

Teacher: – Without a headscarf can not do, you see, the foot became raw, her need to wipe with a handkerchief. Where is he? No the Bunny scarf. Guys, Bunny asks, can you give him their handkerchiefs to give.

Children speak (or refuse consent).

Teacher: Oh, Honey, don't you think our children are greedy, it's just that everyone needs to be your handkerchief.

Bunny is upset.

Teacher: – How do we help him? (delays). I have a box with different pieces of fabric. Let's choose the fabric for the handkerchief Bunny.

Pulls out a piece of matting. Iron the fabric? What is it? (hard).

RUB the cheek. What is it? (prickly).

Nice nose wipe? (frustrating).

Fit this fabric for kerchief? (no).

Why not?

Children: – Tough, prickly, not comfortable.

The teacher pulls out a pieces of calico.

Tutor: – Iron this fabric. What is it?

Children: – Smooth.

Teacher: – Blow on her? What is it?

Children: – Lightweight.

Teacher: – RUB the nose and cheeks. What is it?

Children: – Soft.

Educator: I'm Pleased or not to wipe his nose?

Children: – Nice.

Teacher: What is weave?

Children: Soft, smooth, easy, pleasant.

Teacher: if this fabric for the handkerchiefs?

Children: Suitable.

Teacher: – Right, this fabric is perfect for handkerchiefs. Let's give them to the Bunny.

Children give the Bunny handkerchiefs.

Teacher: "now, let's teach the Bunny to care for your handkerchiefs.

"We handkerchiefs wash"

Going to help my mother (the slopes to set aside the leg,

Will the scarf is washable (tilts to the other foot).

Soap soap I scarf (RUB fists in front of him,

Will rinse the cloth, and (hands to the side shake).

I shake a handkerchief gently (shake in front of him,

And hang on the rope (go up on toes, hands wave up).

I clothespin trailer (rise on socks, arms alternately, make a pinch at the top).

Blowing, the wind is blowing (top shake hands, lowering his hands down

Dries, dries my handkerchief (exhale – uh).

Teacher: – Guys, once again please tell Bunny that he thoroughly remembered how to use a handkerchief.

Children: – Closing the nose with handkerchief when sneezing.

Teacher: – Handkerchief nose shut, every day do not forget to wash and iron. Remember? (gives tissues).

Teacher: – Guys, the Bunny thanked us and says thank you, and now he ran into the woods to show the bunnies handkerchiefs.

Teacher: – Go on with you to walk through the meadow (come to another Bush).

Someone lurking behind a tree. Yes this is a wolf! Something he's angry, unhappy. Let us play with him!

Rhymes "We shared an orange"

We shared an orange,

A lot of us, and he alone,

This slice for hedgehog

This slice – of swift,

This segment for kittens,

This slice – of ducks,

This slice is for Fox cubs,

This slice – of goslings

This slice is for calves,

This slice is for kids

This slice for beaver,

As for the wolf – skin,

He's angry with us trouble!

Run up who where! (the children run the group, run on high chairs)

Teacher: "Wolf, why are you so angry, unhappy? (listens to the wolf).

Clear. Guys, it is a shame that you are clean, neat, combed, and he's so shaggy.

A full head of hair, Look like overgrown.

How can we help you?

Children: – it is Necessary to comb, to cut.

Wolf paw her hair.

Teacher: – don't wear it this way. Listen to the riddle:

Go roam not on forests,

And mustache, the hair,

And my teeth longer

Than wolves and bears.

Children: Scallop.

Teacher: that's Right, guys – it's scallop (scallop show). You Wolf to be tidy and comb you need a comb.

Our boys combs and combs live in his house (showing the pocket for combs).

Wolf says he's here this comb like this one. Guys he wants to take them.

Children argue or agree, to discuss the situation.

Teacher: No, Wolf, each must have its own comb, and it cannot be given to anyone. Here I have a new comb, we give it to you, and you to be neat and orderly as our children, will help you comb your hair (the children take turns brushing the Wolf)

The teacher gives the Wolf the house for a comb" and it goes away.

Teacher: Come here closer, look who fell asleep under a Bush and covered with a kozhushok? Maybe it was a bear, sleeping? Hush, hush don't make a noise. T – t – sh – sh shows a closed mouth.

Teacher: – What kind of Bear you're not funny? (listens to the bear).

Yes... And cheek bandaged...

You guys guessed that the Bear happened?

Children: – Teeth hurt.

Teacher: – Healthy teeth – each Luba. What to do, so they don't hurt?

Children: – Brushing teeth, rinsing mouth after meals.

Teacher: – that's Right folks, the mouth rinsing and brushing teeth after meals. What's the name of the helper in this case?

Children: – toothbrush.

Teacher: – Guess a riddle: a Straight bridge, and on the back of the bristle.

Children: – toothbrush.

Teacher: the Bear says he is a bag of collected brushes, but doesn't know which one is tooth.

Alternately consider brushes, explain why not suitable. Brush cleaner – large. For clothes – no handle, won't fit in your mouth.

Teacher: – Not suitable these brushes Bear. Do not worry, children now tell what is it tooth – brush.

Children: – her back straight, and on the back of the bristle.

Teacher: – Guys, let's draw a toothbrush. Here we have drawn the handle straight back, and you will draw the bristle.

The children sit at tables with markers and paint.

Teacher: – Now the bear and each bear will have its own toothbrush. Bear thanks you guys (out)

– Teacher: In the meadow we walked

And animals we met,

What we knew – they told

How neat to be about our assistants, not to forget –

Handkerchief, comb, Yes, a toothbrush!

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